Summer may be ending but that doesn’t mean that mermaid season is over, at least if you have some mermaid-fanatic kids in your life like I do. So when I discovered Blankie Tails, handmade sleep-sack style blankets that look like shark or mermaid tails I immediately had to see it in person for myself. Because as I’ve learned, stuff like this can be a little hit or miss, with sloppy construction, cheap looking fabrics and big ugly product labels.

Mamas? These are absolutely wonderful.

With super soft, plush minky fabric, and a refreshingly homemade look and feel, it’s like one of those terrific gifts for the kid who has everything. Plus it supports a really nice small mom-and-pop-run business. Just know that while the blankets are fairly amply sized, if your kid is much older than about seven or eight, their whole body might not fit in there; not that it would stop them from using it.

While the shark is pretty awesome, I do prefer the mermaid tail, since it makes it look like your kid actually is a mermaid (or mer-man), and not being eaten by one.

Then again, that’s kind of what kids will like about the shark. So, personal preference.

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Mermaid tail blankets handmade by Blankie Tails. Fantastic!

Shark tail blanket for kids: Love this!

Aqua mermaid tail blankie. How great!

For $34.95, I think they’d be fantastic for kids heading to preschool or daycare who need a nap blanket that inspires them to actually uh, nap during that time period. Or hey, maybe they’ll just help kids of any age be more enthusiastic about getting into bed at night. Okay kids! Time to brush your teeth and get into your shark mouth!

Yep, works for me.

Visit Blankie Tails for adorable cozy blankets for kids that look like shark or mermaid tails. The mermaid tail comes in two colors, but I vote for the aqua for authenticity sake. Thanks to the company for sending one for review.