I admit that I still love that feeling when my tweens want to cuddle up next to me and rest their heads on my shoulder next to me on the plane. But I also admit — and yes, it’s a little sad — that one day you will not be so enamoured of that moment. So I’ve found possibly the most adorable travel pillow for kids ever.

We discovered Kikkerland’s Zip Flip Travel Pillows for kids at the NY NOW gift show last week, and it was one of my kids’ absolute favorites. (More on those to come!)

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Bear convertible travel pillow for kids: Just unzip and it folds into itself!

Whether your kids are past the booster seats with headrests, or just frequent travelers who want to be comfy — well, this really is comfy. Surprisingly so.  I have tried inflatable versions which are great for packing, but a little meh in the comfort department, however  this cuddly plush penguin (or brown bear or black bear) has a hidden zipper down the back. Open it up, and the doll essentially twists inside itself to turn into a travel pillow. It took my kids a few minutes to get the hang of it, but it’s not hard at all.

The stretchy Spandex fabric makes it extra comfy — and durable — and inside, there are microbeads that basically squish around to create a perfectly round travel pillow that shows no signs of ever being the cute creature that it was only minutes before.

Penguin convertible travel pillow: Unzips and flips from a stuffed penguin to a neck rest travel pillow

It’s so cute and practical, now I have to get a second one so my girls stop fighting over it.

Not that it will replace your kid’s very favorite can’t-sleep-without-him stuffed creature of choice, but it could provide another cuddle option, that isn’t your own shoulder.

Find the Kikkerland Zip Flip Penguin Travel Pillow for kids at our affiliate Amazon for $25. It’s available at lots of boutiques and indie retailers for a little more, though we also found it, along with the bear pillows in two styles at Bed Bath & Beyond for $19.99.

Thanks to Kikkerland for providing one to CMP for review.