So here’s something we’re pretty excited about: Recently, we’ve teamed up with our friends at, to put together a fantastic, carefully curated collection of¬†adult Halloween treats you’ll want to keep all to yourself.

Just¬†scroll down. A little more…a little more…stop! There you’ll see a small collection of just a very few¬†of our favorite adult Halloween treats. As in, grownups-only goodies from indie makers who have¬†transformed your childhood favorites into something way more special and fancy.

If you need a fun hostess gift for an upcoming Halloween party; a little something for your office coworkers or playgroup parents; a teacher treat that goes way beyond candy corn; or you just want a stash of something all your own to help keep your hands out of the kids’ Halloween booty late at night, we think you’ll love these options.

Plus, you get to use discount code CMP10¬†to save 10% on¬†whatever you love in the store. And there’s a lot to love.¬†But here’s where we’d start:


Adult Halloween treats: Artisanal peanut butter and bacon cups with a touch of sea salt
Instead of those other peanut butter cups: Chicharron Peanut Butter Cups
(Black Pig Meat Co, Healdsburg, CA.)Yes, we love peanut butter cups of all kinds. And yes, that’s a bacon maker. Are you starting to put it all¬†¬†together? These are mini chocolate-bacon peanut butter cups with a light¬†sprinkling of smoked salt flakes. You will be obsessed.

Adult treats for Halloween: artisanal Goat Milk Caramels from Vermont
Instead of those other caramels: Goat Milk Caramels
(Big Picture Farm, Townshend, VT)

These are¬†a far cry from that¬†stuff¬†that sticks to your teeth until Christmas. We’re talking three flavors of soft, smooth, sweet artisan caramels that melt in your mouth. It’s hard to pick among the three flavors but I’m¬†going with the¬†sea salt and pure bourbon vanilla. Sorry, kids!

Adult Halloween treats: Instead of other hard candies, try artisanal Pappabubble sour drop candies, all handmade in NYC

Instead of those other colorful hard candies: Papabubble Sour Drop Candies
(Pappabubble, NYC)These have been an obsession of my kids since they first visited their Manhattan candy¬†shop and watched them hand-roll the ropes of sugar into tiny candies in front of their eyes. So while I suppose these beautiful hard candies¬†could qualify as a treat the kids could steal, with flavors like super sour apple, lemon and raspberry, I’d still tuck them away for myself.

>Adult treats for Halloween: Quin Twizzlie Chews, like the artisanal version of Tootsie Rolls

Instead of those other chocolate chews: Twizzlie Chews
(Quin Candy, Portland, OR)

Meet the adult version of…well, it rhymes with Shmootsie Bowls.¬†These soft chews are a combo of high quality Swiss¬†chocolate, locally roasted coffee (they are from Portland after all), and a touch of sea salt, all blended together¬†in small batches. Yes, please.

Adult Halloween treats: Roni Sue Chili-Lime Lollipops

Instead of any other lollipop: Chili Lime Lollipops 
(Roni-Sue Chocolates, New York City)These will never be confused with the stuff in the jar at your children’s haircutting place.¬†Like we needed to tell you that. There’s just enough chili bite to make them interesting, but wow, they’re good. Send dinner¬†guests home with one of these for a memorable end to a memorable evening. (Psst, her Maple Bacon lollipops are pretty outrageous too.)

Spoiler alert: Keep your eyes out¬†for some¬†very special Cool Mom Picks curated indie food gift collections that we’ve put together with Mouth,¬†that we think you’ll want to snatch up for the holidays. Or you know, now. At least that’s how we feel when we gaze¬†at all that chocolate longingly.

Visit for a fantastic assortment of CMP picked adult Halloween treats plus lots other goodies that make great gifts this holiday season. You can use discount code CMP10 to save 10% your order!