I’ve seen all these DIY tutorials around the web lately for handmade knot pillows and if you have as well, these images may look familiar. Only after a whole lot of searching and secret sourcing, turns out the original photos are not from loads of brilliant crafters who all remarkably had the exact same idea (and photography styling), but from a wonderful little shop called Umemi from Icelandic product designer Ragnheidur Osp Sigurdardottir.

Thus begins a new series we’re launching called The Originals, in which we attempt to track down the original makers who have invented products so wonderful, they quickly become copied and passed off as someone else’s original product…which they’re not.


Rghneiour Osp Siguroardottir, original designer of the Icelandic KnotNot Knot pillowsThe designer with her original work

I can totally see why her original NotKnot pillows are so popular: Inspired by boy scout knots, the resulting craftsmanship is wonderful and I absolutely love her soft fabrics and color choices. Plus, they look so amazing in clusters and if you can’t pick a fave, eh…order three. I totally want to.

The cool structure and design allows you to decorate with a solid color pillow with a shape that keeps things interesting. Even three different styles of the same color would look super cool whether in a family room or punching up the glider chair in a nursery.

The original handmade Knotnot knot pillows from Icelandic wool via Umemi on Etsy

Original handmade KnotNot Pillows by Umemi on Etsy

Green handmade knot pillow from Umemi: Could make a fantastic modern Christmas wreath for hanging

Check out all the different color combos and styles and use your imagination. I could even see the round brocade knot pillow in green making a cool, modern Christmas wreath alternative. Or, if you’re my kid, you just see a hat. What I can’t see is how any of the copycat pillows I’ve come across on the web are nearly as good as Ragnheidur’s.

Visit Etsy’s Umemi shop or the Umemi website to support the original artist behind the colorful, soft, handmade knot pillows. Prices are reasonable for this level of handmade work, but leave time for shipping from Iceland. They’re perfect for holiday gifts!