Between my kids’ basketball schedules and after school activities — not to mention their homework and trying to figure out what to cook for dinner — I’ve found that it’s getting harder for me to keep track of it all. There have been times when I’ve asked, Has anyone fed the fish . . . this week?

I know I’m not alone here, which is why I’m really happy to have discovered the Membo reminder tool, a handy little gadget from Dreamfarm that I think a lot of parents could use.


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The Membo gets its name from reMEMBer to dO it and the simplicity is what makes it so brilliant. It’s a little gadget you stick onto the wall or the fridge or any flat surface, then customize it using a handful of icons — anything from days of the week to images representing more specific tasks like feeding the rabbit. (Because so many of us have pet rabbits?)  Once you’ve fed the cat or taken your pill or watered the plant for the day, flip the icon over to show that the task is done.

I could see putting one above the dog dish, right by the fish tank, or if there’s a different daily chore for each child in your household, then get one in each color and see who’s taken out the trash or folded the laundry, and who still has work to do.


Did you feed the dog today? The Membo reminder tool will tell you.

customize your Membo reminder tool by downloading your favorite icon from their site.


I have to point out that a great part of the design is that once you flip the tiles, they pop back into place revealing another symbol to indicate that the task is done.  It’s a small detail, but one that greatly reduces a toddler’s temptation to stand there and flip all the tiles up and down. Which, of course, would make it useless. That said, I still put this high enough to be out of reach of the toddlers but low enough that kids who are just starting to pitch in with the household chores can flip it. Because the point is for them to remember to do the work, after all.

You can find the Membo chore reminder at our affiliate Amazon, or visit maker Dreamfarm for  a dozen other very cool, innovative kitchen gadgets for families.