Over the years, we have shared our favorite books, videos and websites that help our kids learn about the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. And now, along with learning about his life, we can add an interesting art project that our kids can do with their friends or in class next week to remember this important person in history.

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With 36 full-sheet coloring pages, art teacher Kathy Barbro’s¬†Martin Luther King Coloring Mural is a brilliant¬†group project that comes together to form a 48″x60″ mural for the wall. (Of course, you can print smaller if you’d like.) Just follow the downloadable coloring guide and assembly instructions that come with this $5 download, pass out the crayons, and let your artists get to work.


Wonderful printable to help kids make a giant, collaborative coloring mural of Dr. Martin Luther King.

I think this is such a terrific¬†activity that gives kids something to do with their hands, perhaps while you play them the audio of¬†Dr. King’s most famous speeches and sermons. And even though¬†each child won’t be able to see¬†how their individual coloring page will make a difference to the final image, what’s so great is that their¬†contribution will become clear when all the sheets are taped to a wall.

So in¬†a way, this is another important lesson from Dr. King–that no matter how small our contribution, if we all work together, we can create something impressive and beautiful.

Download the Martin Luther King Mural coloring pages at Art Projects for Kids