I love looking for crafty DIY Valentine’s Day gifts that my kids can make, and I hope you like when I look for them for you. Because my criteria, I think, are fairly straightforward, and ones I bet a lot of you can relate to as well:

1) Do I own any of that stuff?
2) If I don’t own any of that stuff can I easily get it?
3) Can my kids actually do most of the work and if not, will I complain about it?
4) Will the end result look anything like the photos? Even a little?
4)  Will I end up with glitter in my couch cushions for the next three years?

If I can answer yes, yes, yes, yes no, then I know I’ve found the perfect crafts for the kids.

17 really cool DIY Valentine's Day gift ideas kids can make | CoolMomPicks.com

With that in mind, take a look at these fun DIY Valentine’s gifts that your kids can make for teachers, grandparents, sitters, coaches, best friends, siblings — and if you’re lucky, maybe for you too.



DIY Valentine's gifts kids can make: Valentine's dipped semi-homemade cookies from Brit + Co

Semi-homemade Valentine’s cookies at Brit + Co

They had me at “Buy some cookies…”


DIY Valentine's Gifts that kids can make: Cool paint chip Valentine's cards at Instructibles

Paint Chip Valentines at Instructibles

I always think paint chips are the smartest, most underutilized craft supply because they are basically free. You can just cut hearts from them and glue to cardstock, or take it a step further with embroidery floss and go nuts with this cool tutorial.


DIY Valentine's gifts that kids can make: Amazing handmade LOVE cards | tutorial at Crazy About My Baybah

DIY handmade LOVE cards for Valentine’s Day from Crazy About My Baybah

Didn’t these come out so fantastic? My kids would absolutely adore this project, and the best part is, if they think they messed up for some reason, it’s really easy to start over.


DIY Valentine's Gifts kids can make: Made with love cookie jar at eighteen25

DIY made with Love Cookie Jar at eighteen25

For something that looks a little more polished, look no further than the free printables at eighteen25 (man I love that site). Then grab a mason jar or go crazy and buy some new jars. Choose any of the homemade cookie recipes from Cool Mom Eats — I’m partial to Stacie’s semi-homemade sandwich cookie recipe, or if you’ree a from-scratch family, check out Jane Maynard’s ssugar cookie recipe with 10 variations, from  lemon poppyseed to coconut lime.


DIY candy necklace from Airheads! Valentine's gifts kids can make |tutorial at Shauna Younge

DIY candy heart necklace at Shauna Younge

So this is definitely more involved than stringing heart-shaped beads onto string (or just buying a darn candy necklace at the store) but if you’ve got some basic pastry supplies on hand, it’s actually a pretty nifty craft.

DIY Valentine's gifts that kids can make: Lavender heart craft kit

Lavender Friendship Hearts kit at Magic Cabin

Don’t panic — this is actually a DIY kit you can buy, that includes everything your kid needs to make a whole bunch of felt lavender sachets for friends. Love that!


How to make cut paper Valentine's Day rosettes at Handmade Charlotte

Cut paper Valentine’s rosettes at Handmade Charlotte

I almost bypassed this Valentine’s Day craft until I took a closer look at the instructions at Handmade Charlotte and realized, I could totally do that. My kids would love handing these out to their best friends and grandparents! If they can bear to part with them.


Easy DIY Valentine's Day gift: Free printable for mini potted succulents at Julep, the Minted blog

Love Grows Here potted succulent at Julep

So how easy is this? Buy a plant, print the printable, let your kids paint the pot. Thank you Julep! PS Don’t even suggest the kids do all-white pots; if they’re anything like my kids, that will never happen.



DIY Valentine's gifts: Conversation Heart Chocolate Bark recipe at Brit + Co

Conversation Heart chocolate bark at Brit + Co

Kudos again to Brit + Co for this super easy DIY Valentine’s treat recipe that has the added benefit of actually making those chalky hearts look far more appealing.


Valentines Day crafts that make cool gifts: Paper fortune cookies DIY

Free Valentine paper fortune cookie craft printables at Josie Jones

We included this in last year’s roundup of easy Valentine’s crafts that make great DIY Valentine’s gifts and it’s stayed with me as being such a great idea. Just make sure you have some pretty paper on hand, and a little creativity for the fortunes.



Easy Valentine's Day crafts with kids | DIY friendship bracelets at Moms & Crafters
 DIY heart friendship bracelets for Valentine’s Day | Moms and Crafters

Featured recently in Kate’s roundup of 11 easy Valentine’s crafts for preschoolers and younger kids, she called it a fun take on a friendship bracelet, and suggests substituting a soft ribbon for the twine. You can make the Sharpie hearts and let your kids color them in, or just put out some red, pink and white paints and let them go to town.


DIY Valentine's Gifts kids can make: Wax resist heart cards at CBC Parents

DIY wax resist Valentine’s hearts at CBC Parents

Sometimes the easiest ideas are the most fun, and I can imagine kids of all ages going nuts with the white crayon and watercolors or markers. Smart!



DIY Valentine's gifts: Easy XO painted mug tutorial at The Proper Blog

DIY XO Mug at The Proper Blog

Our kids always love decorating mugs and truth be told, we love drinking out of them. Check out this smart, easy tutorial which calls for acrylic paints, but know you can always use Sharpies in a pinch.


DIY String Heart Yarn Cards from Hello Wonderful : Valentine's Gifts kids can make

DIY String heart yarn Valentine’s Cards at Hello Wonderful

There are so many cool ideas out there for cards that make nice DIY Valentine’s Day gifts, and this one is a cool idea for kids, provided you have the patience for all the detail work.


Love this! Place sweet sayings on little discs in a candy wrapper, then replace the truffles...or add your own or even chocolate kisses. Via Martha Stewart

Sweet Surprise Box of Candies at Martha Stewart

This is a neat idea because it can be as homemade as you’d like — pop your own sweet sayings into an existing box of bonbons, or start from scratch with candy or small cupcake wrappers, then add a cookie, chocolate kiss, you name it. I bet your kids would have blast figuring out what each one should say.



DIY Valentine's gifts kids can make: ribbon strip heart cards from Happy Hooligans

DIY ribbon strip Valentine’s Cards at Happy Hooligans

Wow, so smart. A preschooler could do this one way, while an artistically inclined tween (or uh, adult) would have a whole different take on it. Check out the tutorial for good tips.


DIY Valentine's gifts the kids can make: Printable Finger puppets from Small for Big

Printable Valentine’s finger puppets at Smallful

While these do cost a few dollars, I love Mari’s adorable finger puppets that come in a printable kit my kids would love making. It’s a toy and card in one, and you even get a foldable card for a teacher and family members with the purchase.