While I’m not sure I’m ready for my house to look like it exploded in hearts, Valentine’s Day is coming sooner than you think. And since my kids’ own language of love is craft projects, I’ve been looking for some easy Valentine’s Day crafts for younger kids that preschoolers and even toddlers can make, that still have a fun, cool vibe. And most of all, that have supplies I already own or are pretty easy to find locally or through Amazon.

In other words, no professional equipment needed.

I bet even your older kids will want to help out —  well, maybe if you have cookies and pink hot chocolate too. That always helps. Happy mess-making, moms, dads, caregivers and teachers. Have fun!

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Easy Valentine's Day crafts with kids | heart-shaped stamp at Crafty Morning
Easiest DIY heart-shaped Valentine’s stamp
 | Crafty Morning

Even kids still in high chairs can use this super easy easy DIY heart-shaped stamp Valentine’s Day craft to make a sweet Valentine’s print or decorate some handmade cards. Find the simple instructions at Crafty Morning, then I’d suggest you add a few thumbprints in the hearts for a melt-your-heart keepsake.


Easy Valentine's Crafts for younger kids: Love this simple DIY for a textured string heart craft at Hands on As We Grow

Textured Yarn Heart Valentine’s Craft for kids  | Hands On As We Grow

If you want to skip the paint, there are so many fun ideas out there that keep things a wee bit less messy. We all like this textured yarn heart craft which the littlest kids will do. Just get ready with lots of glue!


Easy Valentine's Day crafts for kids | simple Valentine's mailbox at Red Ted Art
Easy DIY  Valentine’s Mailbox craft | Red Ted Art

Does your kid’s classroom require a DIY mailbox for Valentine’s Day parties too? (Liz had no idea what I was talking about — they just bring in plastic bags!) Since I need to get cracking, I like how an empty cereal box can do the job if you follow the simple instructions at Red Ted Art. Take it in to school for your class party, or just hang it on a bedroom doorknob to fill with cards or treats on Valentine’s morning. Fun new family tradition, maybe?

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Easy Valentine's Crafts with kids | heart-shaped sewing cards at Parents
DIY Valentine’s Heart Sewing Cards
  | Parents

Sewing cards are a fun way to help kids with their dexterity, and it’s pretty simple to find a plastic needle and yarn at your craft store, then print out your own heart sewing cards like this one at Parents. Have your child write a sweet note on the front and now you’ve got a really special Valentine’s card for a parent, sibling or grandparent, too.


Easy Valentine's Day crafts with kids | melted-crayon hearts at Martha Stewart
Melted crayon heart Valentine’s Day craft | Martha Stewart

This classic Valentine’s Day craft at Martha Stewart looks so pretty hanging in your window, and they’re fairly easy to make too. Our older kids can make these on their own, but the early elementary age kids can do it with some help. Just give them a little assistance by tracing a cut pattern yourself that they can follow.

Easy Valentine's Day crafts with kids | X & O bunting at Willowy
 X & O Valentine’s Day bunting craft |  Willowday for Red Ted Art. 

This is one that’s easier than it looks, if you just load up on your pink, red and white craft paper. The result is this super clever bunting. The instructions are wonderfully helpful, and I’d suggest you let your younger kids pick out the colors, you do the cutting, then they do the gluing and assembling.  I can just see my daughter decorating her bedroom door with this; it’s so modern and cute, I wouldn’t mind at all.

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Heart paper chain makes a fun Valentine's Day craft for kids | Art Bar Blog

Valentine’s Day Heart Paper Chain craft for kids| Art Bar Blog

If you have paper, watercolor paints, and a stapler, you have everything you need to create a Valentine’s Day Heart paper chain craft  like this one that we featured in our roundup of easy Valentine’s crafts for kids, just last year. While it’s easy for younger kids to plan, paint and decorate, we like that older siblings can help out too, especially with the stapling.



Valentine's Crafts for younger kids: geometric heart mosaics | tutorial at Small for Big

DIY Geo Valentine’s heart mosaic craft for younger kids | Small for Big

How cute and simple are these Valentine’s Day mosaics at Small for Big? It’s mostly about basic cutting and glue work, which are perfect skills for preschoolers and little kids. She has some nifty inspiration for variations on the mosaic shapes too.


Easy Valentine's Day crafts for younger kids: Clay

Valentine’s Day stamped craft clay hearts | Small for Big

Also from Small For Big, we’re so into these these stamped clay she sweetly refers to as “love buttons.” You do bake them, but you can’t eat them. And we bet you already have all the supplies on hand that you need, except maybe clay which you can find anywhere.

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Easy Valentine's Day crafts with kids | DIY friendship bracelets at Moms & Crafters
 DIY heart friendship bracelets for Valentine’s Day | Moms and Crafters

Friendship bracelets are back in a big way, and don’t discount them for preschoolers and younger kids.While these are a fairly easy Valentine’s craft,  I’d probably subsstitute soft, not-as-itchy ribbon instead of twine for the bracelet. Then, your kids can paint or color (fat markers are fine for the little ones) their own  wooden beads, string them together, and if they’re really motivated, make enough for the rest of their classroom on Valentine’s Day.

Easy Valentine's Day crafts with kids | decorate sugar cookies at Sally's Baking Addiction
Decorate your own Valentine’s Day sugar cookies, | Sally’s Baking Addiction

Of course, my favorite crafts are the ones you can eat. Keep an eye on Cool Mom Eats which is starting to put together tons of clever Valentine’s Day treat and food craft ideas, but I think a good place to start with little ones ones is this tutorial at Sally’s Baking Addiction. She has such cute ideas that even those of us without super baking skills can pull them off. Plus, kids are never too young to start helping in the kitchen.