Even if the only movies you’ve seen this year are the animated kind (no judgment, parents!), it’s always fun to have an excuse to get together with friends and ogle all the Hollywood glamour over a glass of bubbly. If nothing else, then to see just how this year’s secret host (or no host at all, gah!) takes on this year’s Academy controversy. We have high expectations.

For those of you so out of it you’re like, “the Oscars are coming up?” we’re here to help. The awards show is airing this Sunday, February 24 and to make watching the Oscars even more fun, we’ve pulled together some easy party ideas, from decorations and games to food and beverages.

This way, you can spend more time obsessing over the cast of Black Panther, missing the cast of Crazy Rich Asians (sniff), and ogling whatever amazing gown Lady Gaga will be sporting.

Top: Free printable Oscar bingo cards,  The House That Lars Built


Oscars party ideas: 2019 Oscars ballot at Lia Griffith

Before they start handing out awards, pass around these 2019 Oscar nominees ballots from Lia Griffith and let your guests make their predictions. No fair skipping the live action short category.


Free 2017 Oscar party confetti printable from Sugar and Charm

A half-inch circle cutter will make short work of this funny, free printable 2017 Oscar party confetti. In fact, we’d ask the kids to cut out all the little heads in exchange for staying up a few minutes past their bedtime to join the party. Designed by Sugar and Charm, each piece of confetti features the face of an Oscar nominee which is thankfully a little more…colorful than last year’s printable. Even in black & white.


Customizable Hollywood Star printables for an Oscar party | Party Invitations

Since you’re only inviting VIPs to your exclusive party, you can make them feel extra special by printing out these customizable Hollywood Star printables featuring their own names. Tape them on the floor of your entryway so guests can get a real Hollywood welcome. Or hey, use it as a protest statement and write out the names of artists you wish had been nominated, but were overlooked.

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Oscar party cocktail idea from Better Homes and Gardens

Glam drinks? Yes, please. I love this festive Oscar party cocktail idea from Better Homes & Gardens. Instructions are available via their downloadable party kit, which requires a registration to the site; or just check out their ideas for inspiration, and create your own stir sticks. Along with a signature cocktail of course.


Free printable Oscar party acceptance speech from B. Nute Productions

How fun is this free printable Mad Lib Oscars acceptance speech from B. Nute Productions? I know my friends would come up with some hilariously inappropriate thank yous. No play-off music needed — these speeches will be worth hearing until the very end.


Free printable Oscar bingo cards for a 2016 Oscar party by The House that Lars Built

Hopefully there’s no mid-show slump, but to keep things interesting, even during those less-exciting awards, print out a set of free printable Oscar bingo cards from The House that Lars Built. We’re all laughing at categories like “awkward red carpet interview” and “trips on dress.”


Oscar party popcorn bar from Celebrations at Home

For late-night movie-themed snacking on the east coast, we love this DIY Popcorn Bar idea from Celebrations at Home. While homemade popcorn will always win over your guests, we bet store-bought in gourmet flavors can do the trick.


Homemade popcorn recipes for an Oscar party | Sarah Johnson

Then again, it is pretty easy to go homemade. Check out these four delicious gourmet popcorn recipes from Sarah Johnson from Buffalo Chicken Popcorn to Bourbon Salted Caramel Popcorn. Wow, do they sound amazing!

Popcorn Dessert Bar for an Oscar party | Everyday Dishes

If you’d rather nibble on sweets to keep your energy up for three hours, I love this dessert popcorn bar idea from Everyday Dishes. The free printable labels make it easy for your guests to identify the mix-in candies. As if we wouldn’t know a mini Reese’s from a mile away. But hey, the kids will love it.


Tuxedo-style hot dogs for an Oscar party from Better Homes & Gardens featured on Cool Mom Eats

Trying to figure out something more substantial to serve your hungry guests? I love all of the ideas Stacie shared in her post featuring 7 festive and easy Oscar party food ideas on Cool Mom Eats, from healthy to…well, fun treats. I mean, check out these tuxedo’d hot dogs from BH&G. Showstoppers!



2016 Oscar party cocktails from Cook In Dine Out

A standing O for the clever if complex 2016 Oscar cocktails inspired by the nominated best pictures, courtesy of Cook In | Dine Out. From the Moscow Mole for Bridge of Spies (above) to The Red Planet for The Martian, each sophisticated drink is inspired by the movies themselves in more than the name, but in the ingredients and taste too. Just know that The Red Planet ingredients may be harder to obtain than an Oscar win for Matt Damon this year.

PS: Star Wars The Force Awakens fans should be sure to check out the bonus cocktail on the site, a bright blue concoction called The Lightsaber.


2016 printable Oscar party games by A Plus

Bingo too G-rated for you? Provided there are designated drivers in place and no early meetings Monday morning, we are laughing at this very funny Oscar party drinking game from A Plus which will have your friends tipping back their glass more than a few times. Considering the prevalence of some of these situations, we respectfully suggest you take sips and not shots. Just update it with 2019’s cast of characters.