As a suburban mom of four, I live in my car. And as much as I try to tell my kids that this time we will not be eating in the car (don’t laugh too hard), I can never stick to that rule because, well, we’re all in it so much. That’s why the Clek Mat-thingy is so smart. Also, the name makes me chuckle every time I say it.

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Not only does the non-slip, waterproof Mat-thingy protect your seats against spills and messes, it keeps them safe from compression damage courtesy of car seats and boosters. My favorite part might be the special raised edges for catching all the crumbs, Goldfish crackers, and let’s be honest, french fries.


The Clek Mat-thingy keeps your car cleaner and protects your seats too!

Keep in mind, the Mat-thingy is made to fit Clek car seats, so you’ll want to do a quick cross-check of the measurements with your current car seat. Then, enjoy a little bit of what life was like in your car before you had kids. Noise-canceling headphones not included.

Find Clek Mat-thingy at Giggle, Clek’s website, our affiliate Amazon, or at your favorite baby gear store.