Sprinkle-donut spaceships. Cactus planets. Floating unicorns. Ninja aliens. All together. Seriously? Yep. Thanks to the brand new  Tokidoki-Clek car seats and boosters, created in partnership once again between the safe, swanky car seat company Clek and the LA artists at Tokidoki. I loved their first series of car seats, but I am over the moon for these new ones.

And to think, when my kids were little and I was picking out their car seats, I got to choose between grey, blue, or pink fabrics.

Tokidoki’s anime-inspired outer space fabric is a far cry from that. It’s so detailed and vibrant, I bet kids everywhere are going to beg to be buckled up. And isn’t that the point?




We think our kids might quit fussing about their booster seats if they plant themselves on the cool Clek Olli with Tokidoki space design unit.

How cool are these anime-inspired booster seats by Clek and Tokidoki?

Take your car seat cool factor up a notch with Tokidoki's space-inspired car seat designs for Clek.How long do you think the car will stay this white?

We’re already big fans of Clek for many reasons — their impressive focus on safety, their eye for great design, and the durability of the fabrics and the seat itself which allows you to pass it down to multiple kids (well, until it expires). When you’re done? The car seat is even recyclable which is pretty amazing.

Add in Tokidoki’s sensory-overload, awe-inspiring art and you’ve got yourself one safe thrill ride — if only to the grocery store.

You can find the Tokidoki outer space fabric on the Foonf car seatFllo car seat, Olli booster seat, and Oobr booster seat at our affiliate Amazon, or your local indie baby gear boutique. Also learn more on the Clek website.