Despite living in the land of spring seersucker and smocking — also known as The South — my boys aren’t exactly preppy. And getting them to wear a bow tie on Easter seemed like an impossibility, until I found RougeBox. This little gem of an Etsy shop has amazing pop culture bow ties my boys and I can’t help but love.

Owner Joanne Kim creates these handmade ties in Los Angeles, and that big-city cool comes through in every piece. Whether your boy is more a fan of Thor, Star Wars, Wimpy Kid, or Dr. Seuss, I can’t imagine you won’t find one they’ll love — and agree to wear.


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Superman bow tie for boys: So cool! Especially if they're not into ginghams and plaids

Cool bow ties for boys on Etsy: Cat in the hat tie

Marvel Avengers bow tie for boys. So fun!

Pokemon: One of the cool bow ties for boys available at the Rougebox Etsy shop

A great Etsy shop filled with awesome pop culture bow ties for boys like these Stormtroopers #StarWars


Our girls are in luck too, by the way, since any of these bow ties can be made into a hair bow. Pretty awesome, if, say your girl wants to rock a Marvel comics bow instead of gingham or seersucker with her Easter dress. Which, of course, I fully encourage.

Visit RougeBox‘s Etsy shop to find dozens of cool bow ties for boys for $7.50 that will add some real pop to your kid’s wardrobe. All orders ship in 1–3 days, so you can still get them in time for Easter. But we recommend contacting the shop before completing your purchase just to be sure.