My husband has a habit of calling our household cleaning supplies “chemicals” — as in, “Where are the chemicals to clean off the kitchen table?” It kind of drives me crazy because it sounds so harsh. But, of course, he’s right. So recently, I’ve started using the new Force of Nature cleaning system which I had a chance to try, and let’s just say, I’m a new covert.

Force of Nature is part science lesson (I’ll get to that later) and part all-natural cleaning solution consisting of nothing but water, salt, and vinegar that you can use anywhere in your home, on anything.

Toys and baby binkies included.

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To make the cleaner, you empty a pre-measured salt and vinegar capsule to their activator bottle, which you fill with tap water. Turn it on, and (here comes that science part) it sends an electric charge through the water, changing the chemical composition into a safe but very powerful cleaning agent, right before your eyes. Voila, a cleaning solution that I can feel good about using on the surfaces my kids play at, eat on, and even (yes) lick.


The Force of Nature cleaning system starter kit comes with everything you need to make 5 bottles of all-natural cleaning solution at home.


While safe enough for baby items, the electrolyzed water is evidently up to 10 times more effective than bleach — not that I’ve conducted any scientific studies myself. I have to admit, though, I lack a certain trust in a cleaning product that literally smells like nothing, so I’ve started adding a drop of essential oil to the solution after it’s been electrolyzed to give it a nice lavender scent while I clean. (Lemon and tangerine would work too). It’s something you might consider.

The one minor downside is that you do have to use the company’s pre-measured capsules to make each batch of cleaning solution.

A capsule costs about 50 cents and gives you a 12-oz bottle of cleaning solution. But even after the initial investment of the system — around $90 — you still come out on top. Because I’m pretty sure you can’t get any other all-purpose, all-natural cleaning sprays for less than a dollar, as much as we love some of them.

Force of Nature also includes suggestions for science experiments you can do with the kids using the system. Hey, it may even get them excited to do more chores. One can only be so lucky. 

You can order the Force of Nature cleaning system, which comes with an activator, spray bottle, 5 vinegar and salt capsules, and (yay!) free shipping from their website. Thanks for sending us a unit to test; clearly, it’s a keeper.