I like to buy natural cleaning products and supplies as much as I can. In fact, I follow my mom’s mantra and use vinegar and water only on my hardwood floors. It’s partly because I get headaches when I walk in the door and my house smells like a hospital ward, and partly because I know that breathing in a lot of harsh chemicals just isn’t good for us, so I’m always glad to discover a new company that makes eco-friendly cleaning products that actually work.

Mrs. Jones’ Soapbox is one of those, and it’s a great find.

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Mrs Jones Natural Cleaners  - truly effective, eco-friendly options to clean everything from leather to toys to your bathroom

I admit I can be skeptical of homemade products that weren’t made by me, but I’m impressed by this mom-run company which uses all-natural ingredients like borax, castile soap, vodka (really!), and essential oil blends that turned out to do a terrific job of cleaning my kitchen. Even after the huge mess of Thanksgiving prep, including some set-in stains on my linen,s and spills that had been sitting on my counter for, well, way too long.

And forget headaches — Mrs. Jones’ Soapbox products smell so good you want to eat them

I love that they keep it simple. They don’t have a huge range of really specific products; instead you can buy just a few bottles of their handmade solutions which can cover all your cleaning needs.

For example, one bottle of Shine can be used it for everything from dusting your cabinets to cleaning a spill off your leather chair and shining up your car’s interior. Their soft cleaning Scrub impresses me in turns of how it gets the grime out of showers, ovens, the inside of your washing machine, and even the dirty dishes. As for their toilet bowl bombs . . . I’ll spare you the photo of my toilet, but let’s just say they really work.

And ooh, the packaging! Pretty enough to be sold in Anthropologie, and certainly pretty enough for your own countertops.

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Mrs Jones Natural Cleaning products come in gift packs, beautifully packaged

Mrs Jones Soapbox natural Sparkle cleaning product: a fresh citrus-based spray that cleans glass, granite, counters beautifully

Mrs Jones natural cleaning products: An eco-friendly Scrub that's fantastic for bathrooms, especially if you have pets and children

One aspect of the line I truly value is that as nice as they are, the essential oil-based fragrances don’t linger too strongly. In other words, your house smells and feels clean, but not like you’re living inside a bottle of Pine Sol or a jar of oregano.

You can find all of Mrs. Jones’ Soapbox natural cleaning products at their website, including small sizes that make perfect stocking stuffers. (Get them for yourself, too, and you can try them out before you buy the full size.) Thanks to the company for sending CMP samples for consideration