I have big dreams of redesigning my kids’ bedrooms with one-of-a-kind, fun furniture that will capture their personalities and make way for the most awesome sleepover destination ever. Which is why my jaw dropped when I saw the amazing VW camper bunk bed. Created by the UK’s Fun Furniture Collection, is there any kid (or child of a former hippie, ha) who wouldn’t want one?

The entire line of beds and bunk beds for kids at Fun Furniture Collection lives up to the promise in the name. Fun styles in addition to the camper include a Land Rover Safari bed, a way cool 1964 Mini Cooper Bed, and a London double-decker bus, which is evidently their hometown signature.

You’ll also find some pretty outrageous race cars, sports cars, and a even flat-bed truck. (Get it?)

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Outrageous beds and bunk beds for kids like this London Double Decker Bus bunk bed


1964 Mini Cooper Bed for Kids. Whoa!

An outrageous double-decker bus bunk bed for kids. Amazing!


Each bed is bespoke, so you can order it with custom colors and even a personalized license plate to make it truly one-of-a-kind. But of course, all this amazingness comes at a price. A big one.

What big price, exactly? Well, Fun Furniture Collection website says to contact them for pricing on each piece, but I do know they start around £550, or about $800 US. I did a little more research and found the VW Camper bunk bed at Fancy, where it retails for a cool $7,300.


Off to buy that Powerball ticket.

You can find UK’s Fun Furniture Collection VW Camper Van bunk bed, plus all their other awesome themed beds, at their website.