As someone living in Massachusetts, I’ve always gotten the appeal of having a great playhouse for kids.¬†For many of us, our kids’ primary playtime through the winter¬†will take place indoors where it isn’t 20 degrees and icy. So¬†if you’re looking for ways to make your indoors as fun¬†as possible for your kids, a cool playhouse can give them endless hours of imaginative fun¬†that doesn’t involve bouncing off the walls or jumping on your couch.

So we’ve rounded up 15 cool DIY and ready-to-buy playhouses for kids that can be put in a playroom, bedroom, or even a corner of your family room. And since they range from inexpensive¬†and even recyclable to¬†more high-end, permanent¬†additions to the room, you’re sure to find an option that works best for your kids’ tastes. And your pocketbook.

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DIY Under-the-Stairs Playhouse for Kids

DIY under-the-stairs playhouse for kids by Pam Baldwin

Harry Potter would’ve been thrilled with this cool under-the-stairs DIY playhouse idea¬†from blogger¬†Pam Baldwin which turns a cluttered storage nook into a unique playspace.¬†Probably best tackled by those of us who have a bit of DIY experience already, the finished project looks totally charming and fun. And, best of all, this playhouse remains tucked out of the way all the time.

DIY Cardboard Playhouse Ideas

DIY cardboard playhouse ideas from A Beautiful Mess

Many of us¬†parents have turned a big cardboard box into a house of sorts for our¬†children, though–whoa–we love how A Beautiful Mess cleverly turns¬†a box into an entire home. (Small though it may be.) Charmingly designed, these DIY cardboard playhouses¬†look even better as¬†an entire row of homes which is inviting when you’ve got a neighborhood of kids visiting.¬†And when these homes needs renovation, just recycle and “build” a new one.


Hipster Cardboard Food Truck Playhouses

Famous Oto's Taco Truck playhouse for kids

If you’re low on space, check out the¬†adorable, vibrantly designed food truck playhouses¬†by Brooklyn’s Famous Oto that are so gorgeously illustrated, it’s hard to believe they are mere cardboard. With room for a friend, but still sized for a smaller room, kids can pretend to serve treats out the side of either the Taco Truck or Ice Cream Truck, or hunker down inside for more private snacking time. (photo by Instagram user @deo83)

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Giant Toadstool Playhouse for Kids

Land of Nod's colorful fabric Toadstool Playhouse for kids

Very Alice in Wonderland, I love this large, colorful toadstool¬†playhouse from Land of Nod which brings a bit of nature inside via a¬†red and white dotted ‘shroom. Kids can crawl right into the stem through the door and then, while inside, peek¬†out through the little windows to see what is going on around them.


Handmade Card Table Playhouses for Kids

Handmade card table playhouses for kids by Miss Pretty Pretty on Etsy

We’ve loved Miss Pretty Pretty’s gorgeous handmade cloth¬†playhouses for years, and they are still among our very favorites for their level of detail and incredible selection. So easy to set up — or disassemble when you need the space — the¬†covering slips right over a square card table to form the most perfect little hideaway for kids. Check out styles from an¬†animal hospital to a pirate-themed exterior to outerspace.


To the Moon Rocket Playhouse Kids

To the Moon rocketship playhouse for kids by Land of Nod

Blast off with Land of Nod’s cleverly shaped To the Moon rocket playhouse for kids¬†that can become a place to daydream about traveling to the stars or just a quiet nook in which to read. Made of canvas, the canopy¬†also light enough to move (or fly)¬†this playhouse¬†to any room of the house.


 Camper Playhouse and Sleeper for Kids

Camper bed and playhouse for kids by Lilliput Homes

Looking for something more permanent that will also double as a sleeping area? I’m blown away by¬†the¬†¬†amazingly detailed Family Vacation Camper Playhouse for Kids¬†at Lilliput Playhomes, which would be a stunning addition to a child’s bedroom. With room for a twin mattress on top, the retro-cool camper-styled playhouse underneath¬†has some pretty incredible details inside. Can’t we take this camping instead of a tent?


Colorful Garage Playhouse for Kids

Colorful cloth garage playhouse for kids by Win Green on Wayfair

If your playroom has space for ride-on toys, add this colorful cotton garage playhouse by Win Green at Wayfair, so your kids will have a place to refuel their cars. Be sure to stock some snacks on the inside so your drivers can refuel too.


DIY Minimalist Playhouse for Kids

DIY minimalist playhouse for kids by That's My Letter and Ana White

So minimalist yet striking, this cool DIY indoor playhouse frame becomes a not-so-secret spot that is still off-limits to us older folks when a sheet is draped over the top. Inspired by¬†this playhouse from Deko, the blog That’s My Letter includes assembly info,¬†if you want to try your hand at this DIY.


Design-Your-Own Cardboard Playhouse for Kids

Amazing! Design your own cardboard playhouse for kids using this app from Pop-Up Play. They'll ship you the final result, ready for decorating and imagination

Now here’s something that’s new to us — you can¬†create a unique cardboard playhouse for your kids with PopUp Play’s easy-to-use app that lets you design exactly the playspace¬†your kids would like best. Their castle playhouse can include towers or a drawbridge as well as a whole bunch of designs printed on the exterior. And when it’s all assembled, your kids will have a huge coloring project to complete as well.

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Canvas Castle Playhouse for Kids

RH Baby & Child's Petite Castle Playhouse for kids

We¬†can be kings for more than one day with Restoration Hardware Baby & Child’s canvas Petite Castle Playhouse. Love the faux stone look¬†and canvas door that can be rolled up when visitors are welcome. Even better? This bit of royal living is¬†on sale right now.


DIY Cardboard Box Playhouse for Kids

Rust & Sunshine's DIY cardboard playhouse ideas for kids

I¬†love how Rust & Sunshine added a bunch of interesting tactile elements they found in the hardware store to their own¬†DIY cardboard playhouse for kids. A real doorknob to grab, flowers to arrange, magnetic numbers for the front door, and a cardboard mailbox with pieces of mail — they all give kids¬†lots of¬†options¬†to play with as they explore their new abode.


Modern Eco-Friendly Playhouse for Kids

Edgar Blazona's modern, eco-friendly playhouse for kids

If you like your kids to play in a more open ended playhouse and then decide whether it’s a camper, a rocket ship, or something else entirely, prefab designer Edgar Blazona’s splurge-y, modern playhouse for kids¬†at TrueModern may fit the bill. It’s stylish enough to fit right into¬†any modern home decor with details like¬†cool cutouts, a slanted roof, and color-block panels. We also love that it’s¬†made in the USA of eco-friendly birch plywood with non-toxic finishes. Nice detail: inside,¬†kids will find two paper tablet holders so they can make signs like NO ADULTS to hang on the door. Or maybe just sketch out the next winning playhouse design.



Incredible Castle Bed and Playhouse for Kids

Custom castle bed and playhouse by Tiny Town Studios

If money is¬†no object for your little ruler, you have to¬†check out this¬†incredibly detailed, totally made-to-order¬†castle bed and playhouse from Etsy’s¬†Tiny Town Studios which makes an impressive addition to any royal’s sleeping chamber. The murphy bed folds up like a drawbridge so that you don’t have to see the mess the kids made with their covers overnight. And the details in all of their¬†handmade creation are pretty incredible.


Jetaire Camper Playhouse for Kids

Land of Nod Jetaire camper playhouse for kids

Okay, so campers are clearly the new castles. We’re happy to find this charming, Jetaire Camper Playhouse for kids¬†at Land of Nod, which is¬†ready for your kids’ indoor camping trips. With curtains that roll up or extend out to form a little canopy, this popup is such a little authentic replica — minus the mosquitos. And hey, it’s on sale. More money for s’mores supplies!