When my kids first started eating solids, they often reminded me of¬†wild baby animals — flinging food¬†all over the place, trying to eat without using their hands,¬†and getting all the gooiest stuff mashed¬†into their hair. So I’m pretty impressed with the¬†new kids’ tableware line from Marcus & Marcus¬† which offers cute, animal-inspired designs¬†help our littlest ones learn to eat like, well, like little humans.

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The easy-to-clean, brightly colored collection was developed by two parents who know a thing or two about feeding babies and toddlers. The silicone rubber construction is safe and durable, while the grippy surface on the too-cute placemats makes it harder for a baby to fling an entire meal to the ground in one dramatic sweep of the arm.

Plus: it’s all top-rack dishwasher safe. Whoo!

But probably what I like the most is that it¬†seems like everything they design is¬†made with on-the-go moms and dads in mind. We’re big fans of the “crumb catcher” style bibs, which have been around for a while, but in this case, the bibs¬†can be rolled up and tossed into a diaper bag for meals on the go. And the covered snack bowls are collapsible for travel too,¬†meaning empty containers take up less space in your diaper bag, or even in your¬†kitchen drawers.

Super cute animal dishes, placemats, and bibs for babies and toddlers from Marcus & Marcus


Love the modern tableware sets for babies and toddlers from Marcus & Marcus

Marcus & Marcus tableware sets for babies and toddlers is too adorable!
You’ll pay more for this tableware line¬†than you would a set of plastic dishes at a big-box store, but you’ll also get safe materials, smart design, and¬†adorable¬†gender-neutral styles¬†are durable enough to¬†last and pass onto siblings. Though, good luck with that — I imagine that more than a few¬†kids¬†will get quite attached to their new¬†mealtime friends.

Find¬†the new kids’ tableware line from Marcus and Marcus¬†at¬†Amazon.