When it’s brutally hot outside like it is now in some areas — hello, summer! — we start thinking seriously about protecting our littlest ones’¬†skin from damaging UV rays. And, sunscreen can only do so much.¬†It’s important we find other ways to protect our baby’s skin, and shading them with sun hats is one good way to go.

From modern prints to sweet florals, we found the cutest baby sun hats that offer great protection for your littlest kids at the pool or park this summer.

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best baby sun hats: classic bucket hat at Boden

For a traditional look, try this reversible bucket hat at Boden. One side is a twist on a classic toile, but with lighthouses or dinosaurs. The other is a tried-and-true navy stripe. So cute for summer photos.

best baby sun hats: the stretchy Out of the Sun hat at Hanna Andersson

If you want some serious coverage in a comfortable fit, this Out of the Sun hat at Hanna Andersson is a great choice. It’s made from a nylon/spandex blend that feels like swimsuit material, and¬†it blocks 99% of harmful UV rays. Plus, great coverage for the back of the neck.


best baby sun hats: the floral print reversible hat at Boden

Love this¬†floral pattern and lace edging on this reversible printed hat at Boden —¬†such a sweet, feminine look. But the blue polkadot lining gives it a modern sensibility that keeps it from getting too twee.


best baby sun hats: the wide brimmed floppy hat from Hanna Andersson

This wide-brimmed floppy hat at Hanna Andersson is stretchy and quick drying. But what sells me is the cute ice cream print. Delicious! That said, it comes in other cute patterns, too, like sharks, sea horses, and stripes.


best baby sun hats: the mod floral Surf Hat at Boden

I love the big, mod floral pattern on this surf hat from Boden (also, check out the classic navy stripes in the photo at very top). The long flap in the back provides great coverage for sun protection,¬†but it’s lightweight enough to keep your baby cool when you’re out in the hot sun.


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best baby sun hats: this cool astronaut bucket hat at iPlay

With so many beachy prints to choose from, this cool astronaut bucket hat by iPlay really stands out. And so does the company: they’re¬†committed to creating products that are¬†hypoallergenic with UPF 50+ protection, all while avoiding tons of harmful substances like petroleum, BPA/BPS, PVC, Azo dyes and Formaldehyde (to name a few). This is one you can feel safe about, unlike sending your child into space one day.


best baby sun hats: the wide brimmed popsicle hat from iPlay

Also from iPlay, we love this wide-brimmed hat that offers a little more coverage. Another reason it made the list: Popsicles.


best baby sun hats: the versatile chambray bucket hat at Tea Collection

This chambray bucket hat at Tea Collection is a great neutral, which makes it so versatile. We love it for boys or girls and for how it will match any swim¬†outfit. (Because we get just how important it is for toddlers’¬†accessories to match their outfits.)


best baby sun hats: modern Beep Beep print bucket hat at Zutano

Zutano’s modern prints have always been a favorite of ours, and this car print sun¬†hat is simply adorable. It’s made from 100% cotton, so it will be soft on your baby’s skin and will hold its shape, even when it’s wet.


best baby sun hats: this modern elephant print bucket hat at Coolibar

Last but not least, this¬†modern elephant print sun hat from Coolibar is so smart — it has a soft, terrycloth sweatband built into the hat to keep your child¬†cool and dry. And if that means they’re more likely to keep their hat¬†on, then that’s all that really matters.