Over the years, we’ve featured loads of great craft kits for kids that flex our children’s creative muscles as they try their hand at making¬†cool new works of art. But I’ve never seen anything quite like the brand new¬†craft kits for kids by Renegade Made¬†that aim to turn¬†crafting into a larger social movement for good.

The idea is that these clever craft¬†kits for kids are¬†designed to deliver¬†random acts of kindness¬†around town, through one of four kits, and kids as young as 8 (though likely younger with an adult’s help) can find one that keeps them busily entertained, all while learning¬†the joys of¬†small gestures that make other people happy, and how that’s its own reward.

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The Renegade Made Random Acts of Flowers craft kit  gets kids making a dozen pretty paper flowers to hang in a conspicuous spot where passersby can find them and take a flower for themselves. When their flower is chosen, the recipient is asked to do something nice for someone else, which is a great way to teach kids of the power of paying it forward.

Let kids create "random acts of crafting" (and kindness) with the new Renegade Made craft kits
There’s also a¬†Sidewalk Chalk Tagging Kit¬†which lets you create random dance spots or humorous “graffiti;”¬†a¬†Made You Look Kit¬†for posters and fun signage for¬†surprise places;¬†¬†and my favorite, ¬†The Fairly Painless Tattoo Lounge Craft Kit, which will have kids setting up and running a temporary tattoo parlor for charity.

Way more hip than a lemonade stand, right?

Renegade Made craft kits let kids create

Renegade Made DIY tattoo lounge for charity: Way cooler than a lemonade stand!
After¬†your kindness bandits have doled out all the niceness in each kit, I’d say you just¬†make sure they go back and clean up any leftover materials. Because we all know that one of the best ways our kids can be kind to others in this great big world is by keeping that¬†great big world clean of cardboard boxes and tissue flower petals.

Find the Renegade Made craft kits at our affiliate Amazon or check your local indie toy store. A portion of sales benefit Camp Kasem, a fantastic nationwide community that supports children whose parents have cancer.