As a child, I long believed that dreamcatchers capture your nightmares in their web to keep sleep sweet and worry-free. As an adult, they still have a nostalgic pull on me. Plus, they’re really gorgeous.

I recently found some truly fantastic DIY dreamcatcher tutorials, and came to realize whether you’re looking for new kids bedroom decor or a way to entertain the kids on a rainy summer day, DIY dreamcatchers will work magic. (I also learned that dream catchers are a type of hair extension, which I don’t recommend kids try as a DIY project).

Fun and easy, and with such a cool, colorful finished product, here are 3 of my favorite DIYs that are great for tweens and even elementary crafters.

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DIY Dreamcatchers: Love these basic shapes, colors, and fish for younger kids. Tutorial via Molly Moo

This dreamcatcher from Molly Moo is the simplest DIY I found. And I’m a bit obsessed with the clever little fish at the end of the strings. If you do a little prep work, even young ones should be able to work on this craft — just wrap the hoop and cut out the shapes, and then let them string away!


DIY Dreamcatchers: So much room for creativity with these cheery dreamcatchers from the Art Bar.

These colorful DIY dreamcatchers from the Art Bar (also seen at top) are a bit more complex, but that might be perfect for a group of older kids who need a little more of a challenge to keep summer boredom at bay. I like that there are several different tasks for kids to master within the craft itself: beading, wrapping, coloring, even sewing and making pom-poms, if they want to do it all. Kids can get as crazy and creative as they want with this dreamcatcher, making it the perfect craft for a rainy afternoon or a lazy day outside in the shade.


DIY Dreamcatchers: I think teens will really dig the muted pastels in this dreamcatcher from Envato Tuts Plus.

If you’re looking for a project specifically for a teen or tween — or even yourself — check out this DIY dreamcatcher tutorial from EnvatoTuts. This dreamcatcher is subtle, sophisticated, and effortlessly cool. I love the understated color palette and the step-by-step pictures really simplify the process. This tutorial is as elegant as the end result.