We’re so glad we’re raising girls in an era where feminism is front and center, and the number of strong, visible female role models is growing across every profession at the highest levels. So I was thrilled when I saw this adorable feminist baby onesie at Etsy shop Eythink. Because raising girls to be smart and empowered is everything.

I love them so much, I’d go ahead and order that two-pack. You’ll score a nice discount, and have an extra baby gift on hand for the future.

And, now that our male President has stated that he is “what a feminist looks like,” I’d say consider getting one for your baby boy, too. Here’s to hoping enough will grow up to be feminists, we won’t even need the label any more.

You can find the Feminist onesie onesie from Eythink at their Etsy shop. It’s also available as a t-shirt for bigger kids or parents.