The ladies in my Zumba workout class have been seriously bringing it when it comes to stylish workout gear lately. And even though I remind myself that it’s not a competition (something I have to tell myself a lot when we get to the Latin dance portion), I sometimes like to step up my usual I’m-just-here-to-get-gross-and-sweaty look. So what’s hot right now in the world of workout clothing? The fancy back sports bra, like this Free To Be sports bra from Lululemon, which I’ve been wearing way more than at the gym.

This bra is simple enough that I don’t need a team of experts to help me dress (which was true with one fancy-backed bra-tank combo I tried on), and is so comfy and stylish. I really love the cool woven back, which makes a statement even if it’s just peeking out from under your tank top. Or you can wear it under that open-backed shirt that you’ve never been able to find the right bra for (this is it, trust me).

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So many cool color combos with this Free to Be bra from Lululemon. I'll take one of each.

Now, Lululemon says this bra is for the “small-busted yoga enthusiasts,” but I’m finding it supportive enough for most activities, not just yoga, even though I place myself firmly in the “medium-busted” category.

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And even when I’m not exercising, I’ve found that there’s no substitute for a breathable, moisture-wicking bra when it’s the height of summer, which for me has made it worth the price, something Lululemon is also known for. I even started wearing it to the pool in lieu of my traditional bikini top, which bonus: Killer tan lines.

Find the Free to Be Bra, and other variations on this trend, at Lululemon. Stay tuned, our larger-busted, mamas. We’ll be reviewing sports bras for you soon! 

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