Oh, our hearts have been heavy watching the devastation from the flooding across Louisiana this week. More than 100,000 homes and buildings have been affected by these rising waters with reports of 30,000 people affected, and as many as 11,000 who have spent time in shelters. It’s devastating.

Take a look at these before and after photos of the affected areas in Louisiana which really bring it to life. (Above: Danielle Blount feeding her three-month old baby; photo Max Becherer for the AP via the NY Times)

In my own quest to see what I could do to help, I’ve put together a list of fantastic organizations and groups that are worth checking out, if you also wish to donate, send needed supplies, or volunteer. Especially considering the waters may still be rising.

Louisiana, you’re in our hearts.


-First, I’ve been looking to this list of resources from a group of committed local mothers from the New Orleans Moms Blog. Since they’re just outside the federal disaster area, they’re able to share local organizations they know first-hand are truly helping, which is wonderful.

-You can donate to the Louisiana Region division of the International Red Cross which is providing shelter, supplies, and other assistance to families who are suffering. And if you have time, you can go to your local Red Cross and donate blood too.

Feed the Children is providing personal care boxes with cleaning supplies, personal items, food and clean water. You can donate via their website.

-The nonprofit humanitarian organization, Operation Blessing International, is providing food, water and emergency shelter to kids and families in affected areas.

-Many schools have lost everything, as you can imagine. The Associated Professional Educators of Louisiana have set up a relief fund to help teachers replenish their classroom supplies. 100% goes directly to the teachers.

-The Salvation Army Gulf Coast Fund is offering food, supplies, shelter, comfort and a plan for recovery to those in Louisiana.

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How you can help the victims of flooding in Louisiana | photo via Save the ChildrenPhoto: Save the Children


-Save the Children has set up a Gulf Coast Floods Disaster Relief Fund to help families who are displaced, and to prepare for the next disaster that may come.

-The  Louisiana Strong page of  Go Fund Me has fundraising efforts to support individual families in Louisiana or larger movements that direct their efforts to the region; like the teacher who is providing toiletry care packages, helping victims with transportation costs, and making “as needed” purchases for first responders and victims.

-The United Way of Southeast Louisiana is accepting donation of money or specific items like toiletries, infant care products, pet products, cleaning kits, and bottled water. You can find the full list on their website — please note that clothing and furniture is not needed at this time.

Second Harvest Food Bank of Greater New Orleans & Acadiana is accepting donations to help provide thousands of pounds of food, water, and supplies including crates of Pedialyte and baby formula.

Volunteer Louisiana can hook you up with an area in need, if you’re able to offer in-person help.

Convoy of Hope organizes volunteers to provide emergency relief supplies to victims in immediate need, and will stay to help them with cleanup and debris removal when the waters have receded.

-We also appreciate this roundup of ways you can help pets and animals caught in Louisiana’s flooding.