I have a soft spot for quirky children’s books with captivating illustrations, which is why I keep picking up the brand new Pablo and His Chair by the French artist and author Delphine Perret to read to my kids. The story is simple — a fidgety boy receives a chair for his birthday (“so he’ll sit down for once”). Just what a kid wants, right? But the way this imaginative little boy makes the most of his gift — and his talents — is what makes this book so memorable.

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Pablo and His Chair: A lesson in being who you are, in the best possible way.

Pablo and His Chair: A story about a boy who turns an unwanted gift into a great life.

Pablo and His Chair: A quirky children's book about finding yourself

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After his party, as Pablo sits in his room looking at this chair, he starts to imagine the fun he could have with it. He eventually becomes quite adept at chair acrobatics with the chair, and (spoiler alert), ends up traveling the world and becoming famous for his one-man show.

The story is quirky, no doubt, and kids may miss the hidden meaning entirely. But, I think it’s a really clever way to talk to them about making the most of any situation, even (or, maybe, especially) those that seem the most disappointing. And, for me, it served as a good reminder to be open-minded about those, er, less desirable aspects of my kids’ behavior and to try to see those as great potential for…whatever lies ahead.

You can find Pablo and His Chair by Delphine Perret at our affiliate Amazon, or check your local bookstore or library.