Remember that trippy British kid’s television show Teletubbies? How can anyone forget?!¬†There was a character named The Noo-noo, which was a vacuum cleaner that went around sucking up anything out of place. Well, sadly, I too hate clutter so much that my¬†family nicknamed me¬†The Noo-noo. I’m pretty sure¬†it’s not a term of¬†endearment, but messes and clutter makes me absolutely crazy, so I deserve it.

With my kids back in school, I’m already seething with anxiety over anticipation of all¬†the¬†artwork and projects that will be¬†coming home. Of course I¬†want to display¬†all¬†their masterful collages and favorite poems, but everything else needs an out-of-sight home.

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Of course, there’s the old file box or plastic bin trick,¬†but those aren’t great long-term solutions.¬†The bulky bins start to pile up quickly and soon you’ll need to rent a storage unit. So here, my fellow Noo-noos, are 5 really smart storage solutions for your kids’ artwork that will also declutter your home.¬†You’re welcome.

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1. Mailing tubes for drawings and paintings

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This idea from Martha Stewart¬†truly is a good thing. Purchase mailing tubes, like these from The Container Store,¬†label them by age or school¬†year, and fill them with your kid’s rolled-up stacks of artwork. They are way less bulkier than file boxes or bins, offering a great solution to those lacking storage space in their apartments.¬†Bonus points for¬†this being an economical¬†solution — mailing tubes like these cost less than $5 each.

2. Framed collages of favorite artwork

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I love the¬†Masterpiece Collage posters by Simply Create Kids. Collect¬†up to 16 pieces of your child’s favorite artwork¬†and either take a¬†digital snapshot or scan in the art,¬†then¬†email it to the¬†company. You’ll receive¬†one 16-x-20 frameworthy gallery style¬†poster to hang in your home. The posters range from $60‚Äď80 and don’t include frames, but I think it’s worth every penny since it’s such a great way¬†to organize, declutter, and¬†display¬†the art all in one.

3. Storage frames that hold all the art

storage solutions


Lil DaVinci frames¬†work double-duty by displaying art in simple, mod¬†frames and¬†storing up to¬†50 (that’s not a typo) additional pieces of your child‚Äôs artwork¬†at the¬†same time. We¬†love multitasking products and this is one of the smartest we’ve seen. The¬†open front frame makes¬†changing out the displayed artwork super easy so you can rotate the art every couple of months or each week of the year.

4.¬†A tangible replica of your child’s masterpiece

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For those really sentimental pieces, like¬†those preschool self-portraits my babies made when they were just¬†babies (sniff), think about having them turned into something really special. This option isn’t really going to help¬†whittle down all the artwork piling up, but it will help preserve the really special projects.¬†Budsies will bring¬†a favorite drawing¬†to life by turning it into a plush stuffed toy making a lovey really lovable.

Or create a titanium keychain out of that sweet¬†family portrait¬†or¬†drawing of your house by sending the image¬†to Etsy’s¬†Formia Design. These would make great gifts, by the way, for birthdays or holidays.

5. Digital storage — so you don’t have to toss anything

digital frame idea from The Organised Housewife: storage solutions


Digital¬†storage is the ultimate storage solution in my opinion — memories kept, clutter gone. I love this digital frame idea¬†from The Organised Housewife. You only need to purchase one digital frame. Then, just scan all your child’s artwork and insert the memory card into the frame. You’ll be able to store tons of artwork and display them all at once where family and friends can see and enjoy it.


Artkive albums are a beautiful way to professionally photograph and preserve your children's artwork into photo books

We’re big, big fans of¬†Artkive¬†and here’s why: You just send in your child’s actual art, and they’ll photograph it professionally then¬†create a hardcover coffee table book of all your child’s artwork. A year’s worth of art in just one small book? Now¬†that’s my kind of decluttering.