Cool jewelry for both girls and boys that inspires the makers of tomorrow? Found it.

Pico Kid, a line of jewelry for girls and boys (or the young at heart), is the latest collection by Pico Design. We’ve featured Andrea Panico’s architectural inspired jewelry collection before when we included it as a Cool Mom Picks Pick of The Year for being one of the Coolest jewelry & accessory brands in 2015. Pico’s latest launch solidifies its spot as a cool brand.

Full disclosure: Andrea is my friend and neighbor (Shout out to Montclair!), but it was my love for her jewelry that started our friendship and the rest is history.

Andrea was inspired to create a collection for kids that would underscore the technical aspects of both the design and manufacturing processes. She says she wanted it to be playful and fun, but remain true to Pico Design’s focus on architecture and design.

She explains, she wanted both girls and boys to love wearing the pieces, but more importantly, she wanted to inspire them to ask the important question, “How was this made?”

Pico Kid’s use of familiar shapes in a different material prompts kids to do just that.


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Pico Kid

The adorably sweet (although not edible) Candy Bear earrings and the Building Block Necklace series (shown at the top) are hand-cast, non-toxic resin and… wait for it… glow in the dark! They come in various sizes and colors too.



There’s also a 3D sphere series and a structural heart pendant. But one of my favorites that I think older kids will love (my 12-year-old is crushing on this one) is the Origami Butterfly necklace, which (unlike its traditional paper counterpart) is not delicate at all but made of metal. Andrea calls it a symbol of beauty and good fortune. And I would add strength.

You can check out the entire Pico Kids collection on their website.