You might have heard, but there’s this election coming up in the US on Tuesday, November 8 and it’s kind of a big deal. Here are just a few links we’ve been reading to help you, enlighten you, stress you out, or de-stress you completely.


Above: Vote street art via StreetArt SF

Visit to confirm your registration, polling place, and everything else. is a fast way to look up your polling place.

And it goes without saying that NO, YOU CANNOT VOTE VIA TEXT. It’s a suppression tactic being disseminated by trolls to try and disenfranchise voters.

In fact, if anyone is keeping you from voting in any way, or trying to intimidate you, please call 866-OURVOTE or visit You have the right to request provisional ballot, even if there is a legitimate discrepancy at your polling place.

Everything you need to know about voting on election day has put together a diverse group of voter guides from all 50 states, from the AFL-CIO and Working Family Party endorsements, to the San Francisco League of Pissed-Off Voters.

States offering same day voter registration. (Go, those states!)

Find out whether a ballot selfie is legal in your state.

The NY Times online is totally free and so is the The Washington Post— no firewall, no free article max — for the next three days. An informed electorate is a good thing!

Looking for good electoral vote polling data? Try The Upshot on the NY Times, Benchmark Politics (which breaks it down by county for super data nerds like us), The Princeton Electoral Consortium, and of course, FiveThirtyEight.

For super super data nerds, lets you create your own interactive electoral map.

A list of poll closing times by state on Politico.

Poll closing times by state, via Politico


If you’ve cut the cable cord, figure on election results on every big network news website as well as their own news apps, plus live streaming election coverage on Buzzfeed News.

Why you might see a lot of women wearing white to the polls.

Why parents are taking their children with them to vote.

If you need a break from all the politics, we’ve got 8 shows to bingewatch that can take your mind off anything.

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