I truly love spending autumn weekends doing fall crafts with my nieces, and now that we’re done with pumpkins and ghosts, I’m looking into cool craft projects for Thanksgiving. I searched around and found some favorites — corn on the cob, the Mayflower, and of course, turkeys (so many turkeys!) — that are perfect for even the youngest preschool kids.

Here are 8 of my favorites — all super fun and easy Thanksgiving crafts for kids. And all fridge-worthy.

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Thanksgiving crafts for kids: Sweet and easy crafting with this Fork-Painted Turkey Craft at I Heart Arts n Crafts.

Love that this Fork-Painted Turkey Craft at I Hear Arts n Crafts, doesn’t even require a paintbrush. We’re in! Click over for the full tutorial.

Thanksgiving crafts for kids: For kids who need a break from real pie (slash all other desserts), try this adorable Pumpkin Pie Kid Craft from A Night Owl.

This Pumpkin Pie Thanksgiving Craft for preschool kids at A Night Owl is so deliciously cute, you’ll actually want to eat it. But, don’t. It’s not like many of us need more sweets this season, anyway.

Thanksgiving crafts for kids: So sweet, so festive! I love this Fine Motor Turkey Craft at Dirt & Boogers.

I love that Amanda at Dirt & Boogers, a play therapist, has created this Fine Motor Turkey Craft to help young kids with their fine motor skills, while still making this Thanksgiving craft fun and festive.

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Thanksgiving crafts for kids: Clever use of legos in this Lego Stamped Indian Corn at Crafty Morning.

These Lego Stamped Indian Corn at Crafty Morning have such a cool texture and design. Just make sure the legos get washed before they leave the craft table (unless you want corn kernels all over your home).

Thanksgiving crafts for kids: Create one psychedelic turkey with this Coffee Filter Turkey Craft. | Buggy and Buddy

They may need help cutting out the shapes for this one, but I think even the littlest kids will love using watercolors to paint coffee filters for this Coffee Filter Turkey Craft at Buggy and Buddy. Older kids might want to try a cool pattern, like in the picture, or go tie-dye-style crazy.

Thanksgiving crafts for kids: Have your kid make and don one of these DIY Thanksgiving Paper Plate Turkey Hats and just try not to crack a smile. | Lime and Honey

I can only imagine the laughs these DIY Thanksgiving Paper Plate Turkey Hats will bring to the dinner table. Thanks, Honey and Lime, for this easy and fun tutorial, and here’s hoping all your little turkeys get pardoned.

Thanksgiving crafts for kids: Guilt-free nibbling with this Cheerio Corn on the Cob at Glued to My Crafts Blog. So cute!

It doesn’t get any easier than this Cheerio Corn on the Cob  at Glued to My Crafts, which is great for very young kids, and is one of the healthier options in the crafting-with-edible-materials category. I think at least a small fraction will end up on the paper.

Thanksgiving crafts for kids: Who knew this much fun could be had with a paper plate and straws? Can't wait to try this Paper Boat at Kids Activities Blog.

And one for the pilgrims: This Paper Boat at Kids Activities Blog will have kids recreating the Mayflower in epic paper plate fashion. So raid your pantry for paper plates and straws and let kids get creative with their boats to celebrate the historic voyage.