Forget sweater weather; for me, fall is all about scarves. They’re always on trend, and to top it off, they’re practical, which is important to me. (#momlife, yo.) Having a couple of scarves in your closet gives you a lot of affordable ways to spruce up your wardrobe for the season, but the key to looking stylish is knowing how to wear them.

So to help you get ready for winter, I found these 7 terrific video tutorials that offer lots of cool way to tie scarves. Thanks to these women, I feel like I have my own personal stylist! Only, free.

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Cool ways to tie scarves: Get the Scarves 101 basics at this video by Everything Luxy.

If you’re totally clueless about where to start when it comes to tying a scarf stylishly, then start with this YouTube video by Mimi at Everything Luxy. She shares 5 extremely basic step-by-step tutorials for tying a scarf, and I mean, literally step…by…step.  Get your favorite scarf ready and watch these as you get dressed. I promise, you’ll have no problem following her clear directions.

Cool ways to tie scarves: Amber Lehman gives some great tips for getting a casual chic look with FashionABLE scarves.

I love some of the unusual twists (literally) that fashion stylist Amber Lehman offers up in her video tips for wearing your FashionABLE scarves on the FashionABLE blog. The looks all still look casual and comfy, but with just that little extra bit of chic that my outfits so desperately need. And since my FashionABLE scarf happens to be my go-to, I’m bookmarking this one.


Cool ways to tie scarves: We hit the motherlode with Wendy Nguyen's entertaining and fun video with 25 scarf-tying tutorials.

You should watch Wendy Nguyen’s fun video on 25 ways to wear a scarf at her Wendy’s Lookbook YouTube channel just for the production value alone. Of courses I also love her tips on how to wear both big square scarves and long pashmina styles. No matter which kind of scarf is waiting for you in your hallway closet, this video will help put it to good use.

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Cool ways to tie scarves: Get a modern look with these tips from Eileen Fisher.

If you favor a modern minimalist style with your wardrobe, I think you’ll like this YouTube video on 9 modern ways to style a scarf from Eileen Fisher. Don’t be afraid if you think of the brand as being all palazzo pants and drapey jackets that you might not wear; the scarf suggestions are really sophisticated and work well with lots of fall and winter looks, whether you’re snuggling up in a long knit scarf or getting a little dressier with a large square silk scarf.


Cool ways to tie scarves: We love these tips from EP Style for getting a wearable look with a blanket scarf.

I have a huge blanket scarf that I adore, but I admit I hadn’t quite figured out the best way to wear it. This YouTube video on 6 ways to wear a blanket scarf by Jean at EP Style helps so much. It helps you avoid that awkward “body wrap” scarf style that really isn’t very modern or flattering, and instead focuses on around-the-neck ways to get your big, chunky scarf looking fab.


Cool ways to tie scarves: We found some fantastic tips for tying thin neck scarves at Chriselle Lim's video.

With chokers being so hot right now, skinny scarves are back too. So I love this YouTube video on 7 ways to tie a thin scarf by Chriselle Lim. With skinny scarves, clearly you’re worrying less about warmth and coverage, and more focused on accessorizing for style alone. In other words, let your scarf be your necklace. I wouldn’t have thought of that before, and it’s just one of the fun ideas that Chriselle offers. Bonus: No talking. Just fun, upbeat music that gets you ready to get dressed to knock ’em dead out there.


Cool ways to tie scarves: Men, we've got your back too with this great video on simple, masculine scarf styles.

Scarf-wearing guys, we’ve got your backs with this tutorial on modern ways for men to wear scarves from London’s Purple Eagle. You’ll need a pretty fashion-forward sensibility for his ideas, but I wouldn’t quite say he goes into “dandy” territory. It might be a great way for dads to put their new holiday gifts to work; or for those of us with boy children to get them looking snazzy and warm all at once.