Move over grown ups, there’s a new coloring demographic in town. And, we’re not talking about kiddie books filled with hearts and teddy bears. Art With Edge¬†— Crayola’s latest¬†line of seven¬†cool coloring books and two coloring¬†kits — are filled with¬†zombies, sugar skulls, graffiti, bold and fearless sayings, and quirky¬†cartoons just begging to be filled in with color¬†by the¬†tweens and teens in your life. (They also have two¬†superhero books, Justice League and Batman, which may be a¬†great option for some kids, but to me, they¬†didn’t¬†seem to fit in with Crayola’s¬†new and edgy line for¬†our bigger kids.)

My girls, ages 12 and 9, scooped up these coloring books the second they arrived from Crayola. They love the “Say What?!” sayings, obscure¬†cartoons, and sugar skulls the best because they are so detailed and fun.

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Zombies, sugar skulls, and graffiti? What more could kids want from Art With Edge by Crayola -- coloring books made for tweens and teens.

Art With Edge from Crayola makes coloring cool for tweens and teens.

There’s been a lot of focus on adults needing to unplug and de-stress, especially these days, amiright? But I¬†think middle schoolers and high schoolers can benefit from (and want) some¬†chill downtime too. And these cool coloring books are a great option for a break from homework or some much-needed zen¬†time after a busy weekend. Plus, they’d be great for long car rides this holiday season.

Many thanks to Crayola for the cool coloring books. You can find the Crayola Art With Edge line at our affiliate Amazon or at the company’s website.