It’s time for me to start thinking about sending out our Christmas cards again. Yikes! I haven’t even scheduled a family photo session and I still need to update my address book. School and work and sports — not to mention the major distraction of the election — has left me way behind schedule. But the thing is, this year more than ever, I’m wanting to send out the good vibes of love, warmth, and peace to my friends and family. Because we need it, right?

These beautiful modern, uplifting holiday cards we found at some of our favorite shops go beyond the traditional Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah. Even if you’re feeling a little down-and-out right now, these will lift your spirits and give you the hope you need this holiday season.

And…let’s hear it for a 2017 that’s going to totally rock!

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10 uplifting holiday cards: It's simple, dream big then do it, with this card from Paperless Press.

I love this Clear Intentions card at Paper Culture (which also happens to be 40% off right now, whoo!). For those of you who want to send a message of love and encouragement rather than specific holiday cheer, this is a good option. I know I could use this reminder to dream big every day. And if an adorable picture of my kids was on it, you know it’d be hanging over my desk all year long.

10 uplifting holiday cards: Remind your friends and family to

I love this encouragement to go out there and Find Your Merry at Tiny Prints. Whether your kids, your work, or just a cup of coffee is what brightens up your day, embrace it. In fact, we think this card would be really cute if you sent it along with a list of the 10 things that makes your family happy.

10 uplifting holiday cards: We hope everything is merry this holiday, and this card from Paperless Press is perfect.

In the spirit of inclusivity, I think we should go ahead and just wish happiness on, well, everything. And if you can also manage to capture a picture of your child smiling as adorably as the one on this Merry Everything card at Paper Culture, you’ll warm the hearts of everyone on your list.

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10 uplifting holiday cards: We're hoping for a little extra cheer this holiday season, with this card by Lea Delaveris at Minted.

For those of you who added to your family this year, I’m sure the Extra Cheer This Year card by Lea Delaveris for Minted (also shown at top) will be perfect for your family. Plus, I dig the mashup of baby announcement and Christmas card. Simplify, for the win!

10 uplifting holiday cards: Remind your friends to let their hearts be light, with this card from Paperless Press.

This card by Paperless Post is going to be my new mantra, whenever I get stressed about shopping and bills and Christmas programs at school and what to cook for dinner. Deep breath, and just Let Your Heart Be Light. I bet family and friends on your holiday card list would love that reminder too.

10 uplifting holiday cards: Spread love and light, with this Hanukkah card from Tiny Prints.

I don’t think you can go wrong with too much Love and Light in your life, and this modern holiday card from Tiny Prints, which I think works beautifully for Hanukkah, is a lovely way to send that message out.

10 uplifting holiday cards: Remember to be merry and bright this holiday season, with this Bold Snow card by Michelle Taylor for Minted.

It is possible to create happiness around us by being merry and bright to everyone all the time — yes, even to hangry kids after school. This Bold Snow card by Michelle Taylor for Minted (also shown at top) is a warm reminder of that. I personally love the non-traditional, happy yellow color for this one — but there are a lot of other colors you can choose from too.

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10 uplifting holiday cards: Get focused for a new start in the new year with this card from Paper Culture.

If you’re hoping for some bigger-and-better opportunities in 2017, then you should kick off the year right with that enthusiastic attitude by sending out these New Year, New Start cards from Paper Culture. They’re perfect for anyone with a big, upcoming change to look forward to — a move, a new job, a child on the way, or just a chance to hit reset on 2016. (But hurry, these are 40% off right now!)

10 uplifting holiday cards: Peace and Love is what it's all about | card via Tiny Prints

This Peace and Love card at Tiny Prints is what it’s all about. Oh, and a little glitter too. Can’t forget that.

10 uplifting holiday cards: Review all you're thankful for this year with the 12 month review card from Paper Culture.

What would be really good for me right about now is a chance to sit down, reflect on my year, and come up with a good list of all the things I’m truly grateful for. Because there’s a lot. This 12 month review card from Paper Culture is a great reason for me to scroll through my camera roll and highlight the really great moments from this year to share with our loved ones. It’s a modern take on the family newsletter, and, I think, a really great exercise in gratitude.