While I think using an heirloom Hanukkah menorah that has been passed down from previous generations is a lovely idea, it’s also nice to have a menorah just for kids, to help get them as excited about lighting the candles as they are about eight days of gifts. And there are so many fabulous, kid-friendly menorahs out there this year, we could barely narrow it down.

From cute menorahs for younger kids, to edgier options that will appeal to tweens and teens, take a look at these 12 cool options that Liz and I found, and see if one makes it into your own family’s Festival of Lights.

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Menorahs for kids: You don't have to be a kid to appreciate this awesome Menorasaurus Rex (although we think kids will love it too). | The Vanilla Studio

After discovering it last year, we still can’t resist this extremely fun (and surprisingly chic) Menorasaurus Rex, which we’ve included in our suggestions for cool modern Hanukkah gifts for kids. The artist at The Vanilla Studio has also added other dinos and unexpected creatures this year, all decked out in shiny gold or silver coats. But order soon — she sells out! ($85, The Vanilla Studio)

Menorahs for kids: Write your own Hanukkah greeting with this Chalkboard Menorah & Candlesticks at Traditions Jewish Gifts.

I just love this Chalkboard Menorah & Candlesticks, which lets kids or parents write messages to each other or wish any guest who visits a very Happy Hanukkah. ($19.95, Traditions Jewish Gifts)


Menorahs for kids: Can't get over this Menagerie Elephant Menorah from Jonathan Adler. So chic!

Jonathan Adler’s shop is a great, go-to source for a cool, modern menorah design with a playful twist. This Menagerie Elephant Menorah really stands out as a favorite. Just be aware that it’s ceramic, so it’s probably better for older kids who can appreciate its cuteness without wanting to snatch it from the windowsill. ($128, Jonathan Adler)


Menorahs for kids: This Tangram Menorah from Studio Armadillo should keep kids entertained for at least eight nights -- and years to come too. 


We featured this tangram Menorah last year in our 2015 Hanukkah gift guide, and we still haven’t gotten over how cool it is. Rearrange the blocks into a cat, camel, samurai (whoa), or a totally new creation. Plenty of options for this year’s eight nights and beyond — but it’s definitely spendy. And you need to order, stat. (Studio Armadillo, $236)

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Menorahs for kids: Take a break from the traditional blue and white with these cheerful Colorful Hanukkah Menorahs at Tzad Sheni.

I’m really digging the happy, unexpected pastels of these colorful ceramic Hanukkah menorahs, in eight colors from turquoise to juicy orange. They’ll brighten the windowsill even when they’re not lit. ($53.10, Tzad Sheni)

Menorahs for kids: Kids will have so much fun with this Aluminum Multi Color Train Menorah at Traditions Jewish gifts.

This Aluminum Multi-Color Train Menorah is so modern, I think it would look great if you wanted to keep it in the nursery all year round. And since it’s made of nearly unbreakable aluminum, you probably can. ($139.99, Traditions Jewish Gifts)

Menorahs for kids: Laugh, cry, and crazy-eye your way through Hanukkah this season with this fun Emoji Hand-Painted Menorah. | Modern Tribe

I truly identify with this hand-painted emoji menorah since my emotions do typically run the gamut during the holidays. But don’t worry, no tears or tantrum emoji here — just varieties on joy. Is there any kid these days who wouldn’t totally want this? ($29.99, Modern Tribe)

Menorahs for kids: This Rainbow Menorah is just so full of cheer! And since it's hand made out of porcelain, I think it'll make a sweet heirloom too. | Make Good Choice

If your kids are as obsessed with rainbows as they all seem to be these days, this handmade porcelain rainbow menorah is so cheery. I love that each one is crafted by hand, triple-kiln-fired, and finished with real 22k gold. Plus, kids will love looking at it even when it’s not lit. Maybe pair with one of the artist’s rainbow unicorn mugs? ($140, Make Good Choice)

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Menorahs for kids: Love this eco-friendly, energy-saving Electric Menorah at Greenfield Judaica.

In the spirit of eco-friendliness blended with techy coolness, this Electric Circuit Board Menorah uses recycled cardboard and an energy saving LED bulb to produce its festive glow. Plus, it’s a safe option for kids’ bedroom windowsills since you light it with the flip of a switch, not a match. ($29.99, Greenfield Judaica)


Menorahs for kids: Make nine mini-me's for your kid's menorah with this sweet Customized Kid Friendly Menorah. | Zooble

I’m loving this Kid-Friendly Waldorf Play Menorah, also found in this year’s Hanukkah gift guide. From the customizable peg dolls to the elaborate flaming headdresses (do those come in human size?), I know a few kids who will play with these long into the new year. ($48.50, Zooble)


Menorahs for kids: Love this Menorah Hanukkah Wall Decal for an easy alternative for younger kids. So cool! | Houzz

You may have already noticed, but we love wall decals here at CMP and we’re excited to have found this Menorah Hanukkah Wall Decal. So great for little kids who want to participate but probably shouldn’t be around open flames — or breakable ceramics — just yet. ($39.59, Houzz)


Menorahs for kids: Let them build their old menorah with this cool 3-in-1 Custom Menorah from Jbrick.

Calling all LEGO lovers! If you have older kids who delight in all things assemble-able, try this 3-in-1 Custom Menorah totally made from LEGO bricks. The kit lets kids create three different configurations, including a dreidel, that are sure to keep them busy enough to keep their hands out of the gelt stash. ($38, Jbrick)