With so many holiday dilemmas and conundrums, we decided to ask you, our awesome readers and listeners, what holiday questions you’d love to hear us answer on the air. And wow, you delivered! On this extra special, extended version of Spawned with Kristen and Liz, we tackle your funny, challenging, and serious holiday questions, offering our tips, tricks, and advice. We hope you enjoy listening as much as we did answering.

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Some of the holiday questions we answer on Spawned

We couldn’t give away all the questions, but here’s just a taste of what we tackled on our show.

-How do you answer the dreaded Santa question for older kids?

-How do you limit the overgifting, especially from generous grandparents who want to give “the best one.”

-What are the best gifts for teachers that they really want? (Psst…this post should help!)

-How do you manage teens who are sullen and uninterested in participating. (And a shout-out to the Apple 2013 iPhone Christmas ad)

-What do you say to people who show up with pets unexpectedly? Or a bad boyfriend or girlfriend?

-What do you do when you really, really have awful Christmas memories and hate the holiday — but don’t want to ruin it for the rest of your family who loves it?

Plus, FOMO when you’re not invited to neighborhood holiday parties, how to deal with the holiday movie your kids won’t stop watching, regifting — bad or brilliant? … and lots, lots more.

And hey, if you have your own questions, feel free to email them to us at spawned@coolmompicks.com, or tweet us with #spawnedshow. We’ll answer them! Or at least, try to.

Our sponsor this week

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Special for the holidays, they’ve got a sampler box so you can try everything cool about Bitsbox without committing to the subscription just yet. Hurry and order so you have it in time to pop under the tree.

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