If you’ve been wondering how much you should be giving your kids for an allowance, or when you should open them up a bank account, you will get both those questions answered and a whole lot more on this episode of Spawned with Kristen and Liz. Our special guest Beth Kobliner, a New York Times bestselling author, financial expert, and mom-of-3, tackles all the kids and money questions we could squeeze into our 40-minute show. She’s out with a new book, Make Your Kid a Money Genius, and wow, it’s awesome! She even tells us what we’re doing right and wrong with our own kids.

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Cool Picks of the Week 

Beth: Mint.com or NerdWallet.com, great websites to help you with your family budget.

Kristen: Sephora Collection Cleansing Water and Milk face wash (no water required!)

Free David Bowie valentines from The House That Lars Built

Liz: Free printable Valentine’s Day cards for kids, like these David Bowie valentines from The House That Lars Built.

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