My youngest is just about to age out of her stroller, which is a shame because the brand new Bugaboo Niark1 stroller limited-edition accessories is crazy cool. In this collaboration, Bugaboo gave French graphic artist Sébastien Féraut (a.k.a. Niark1) free reign to create a new canopy design using his iconic monster images.

And the result is whoa!

Who knew a stroller could give us such serious street cred?

The new Niark1 stroller from Bugaboo: Stroller with serious street cred.

The Bugaboo Niark1 limited-edition sun canopy

The new limited-edition Niark1 bassinet cover for Bugaboo.

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You can scroll the Bugaboo website to see which canopies fit which stroller styles, but it’s safe to say if you have pretty much any relatively recent Bugaboo stroller, these will work for you.

Okay, okay…so, no, I don’t often stroll my kids under interstate overpasses or at graffiti-covered skate parks with a friend who looks a whole lot like Penelope Cruz, but a mom still needs cool points while working the after-school bake sale, amirite?

You can shop the Niark1 limited-edition canopies and accessories at Bugaboo.