We’ve been keeping our eyes on hot¬†shoe trends¬†lately (it’s hard work, but someone has to do it) and we’ve noticed a new look coming out of the Mediterranean that we’re completely obsessed with:¬†tassel, lace-up, blinged-out boho sandals.

These shoes are so fun, and the best part? They’re a hot summer fashion trend anyone can pull off.

If you’re looking for a way to add some big personality to your summer style, check out these five¬†boho sandals we’ve picked as our favorites. For each shop, click through and look¬†around at all their styles. They’re all handmade, so each pair is a little different, but every option is so vibrant and exciting.

At top: Penny Lane gladiator sandals | Elina Linardaki

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Note: These shoes¬†all ship¬†from Europe (because, cool Mediterranean trend), so you’ll need to add an extra $10‚Äď20 to your budget. Also, most¬†use expedited shipping, getting the shoes¬†to you¬†in under 5¬†days.

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Boho sandals fashion trend: Kefi sandals at Elina Linardaki

A pair of Greek boho sandals reminds me of a fabulous street festival…on your feet. I love so many of the tall lace-up sandals at Elina Linardaki, like her classic Penny Lane style (shown at very top), but these low slung Kefi sandals¬†are a favorite too, for a bit more subtle way to pull off this eye-catching¬†trend.

Boho sandals fashion trend: Tie-up sandals at Ilgato Handmade

The majority of boho sandals we’ve seen have featured bold, bright colors, but the lighter sorbet shades on these¬†Hawai tie-up pom-pom sandals¬†at Ilgato Handmade are a refreshing twist. So pretty!

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Boho sandals fashion trend: Princess Wedding sandals at Mago Sisters

I’m heading to the beach in a few weeks, and these¬†lacy, all-white¬†Princess Wedding sandals at Mago Sisters¬†would be perfect to wear when we go out for¬†dinner at a pretty¬†ocean-front restaurant. I mean, you’re practically required to drink a margarita while wearing these, right?

Boho sandals fashion trend: Friendship Bracelet gladiator sandals at Dimitras Workshop

Lots of the boho sandals we saw have tons of lace and crochet, which are gorgeous but won’t necessarily hold up well for everyday wear. These bright¬†Friendship Bracelet Gladiator sandals at Dimitras Workshop, however, seem to be a bit more durable to me. And those bracelets? Fabulous!

Boho sandals fashion trend: Savannah sandals by Mago Sisters

If you like the idea of this trend but need baby steps to get there, these Savannah sandals at Mago Sisters are your gateway shoes. The chic swath of color paired with the wide band of leather makes this shoe sophisticated without losing the fun personality of the boho style.