It’s a camper. It’s a theater. It’s a food truck. It’s a playhouse. No, it’s…

All of those things!

Seriously. Buy one fort, get four. It is truly the only playfort your kids will ever need.

Which is why we are so obsessed with the amazingly cool, brand new 4-in-1 playfort from Bell Station Kids on Etsy.

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4-in-1 Food Truck by Bell Station Kids

Founders Amanda and Matt Whited were inspired by their own kids and constructed the idea for the playhouse with their insanely creative interior design and woodworking skills.

Not only is the interchangeable 4-in-1 playfort made with solid wood, but each scene is hand-painted! Yep. Your little one will be playing in the most unequivocally adorable playfort on the block.

4-in-1 Camper by Bell Station Kids

The assembly appears to be easy. The fabric parts are washable. And the whole set is compact enough for use outdoors or in, so no more “I’m booored” rainy summer days.

At $155 for the fort, plus $45 for each theme, I’ll admit, this playfort is a bit of a splurge — although, don’t miss their grand opening promo happening now because you can score a sweet deal!

Either way, this isn’t any run-of-the-mill cardboard box playhouse (but, hey, we love those too!). You can go from adorable ice cream stand by day to fabulous puppet theater by night for around-the-clock imaginative play.

And when it comes to summer fun, endless hours of entertainment is exactly what we all need. Camping, anyone?

You can check out the cool 4-in-1 Playfort, plus get details on their grand opening promo ($245 for the entire 4-in-1 set!) at the Bell Station Kids shop on Etsy.