One of the most frequent questions I’ve gotten from Spawned listeners is: what is the best white t-shirt for women? Well, hey! I’m the perfect, super opinionated person to answer that question because white t-shirts are a staple for me year round; over skirts, over shorts, under blazers or cardigans, with an open denim oxford tied at the waist over top…there is pretty much no style that doesn’t require at least a few perfect white t-shirts in your bureau.

So if you want a few options, here are my picks, with a little more about why I like each one.

Because as I always say with black shoes, no I don’t own too many; they’re all different! Oh, and hurry, if you love them. There are tons of sales going on right this very minute.

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Best white t-shirts for women: Michael Star raw edge v-neck |

The best white t-shirt to keep you on trend:
Michael Stars Supima Raw-Edge V-Neck Tee ($48, Michael Stars)

If you don’t know Michael Stars, it’s like the LA t-shirt brand to the stars. They make pretty much every style you could imagine, and you can shop by fitted, semi-fitted, or relaxed fit. If you want something to keep you on trend without trying too hard, I absolutely recommend this soft, supima cotton tee with a slightly raw edge finish around the neckline. The detail is subtle, but looks fantastic. I own one in black, and it’s been such a go-to tee for me for the last few years, I’m taking the plunge and going for white.

Just know that “one size” doesn’t really mean “fits all,” so check the sizing charts and use your judgment. I’m about a medium or 6-8 with narrow-ish shoulders and an (ahem) ample bosom. It fits me perfectly.

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Best white t-shirts for women: J Crew tee in supima cotton |

The best slouchy white t-shirt that you could live in:
J Crew White V Neck T-Shirt in Supima Cotton
 ($29.50, J Crew + an extra 30% off with code HOORAY)
V-neck tees are absolutely the most flattering for my own shape – small shoulders, ample chest. A high crewneck just makes your (my) boobs hang low, like that bawdy old sailor song, and we can’t have any of that.

If you like the feeling of supima cotton, which is softer than regular cotton, more luxurious, and drapes beautifully,  this is a fantastic option. It’s a little shorter in length, which is especially good for occasions you want to wear your shirts untucked, or tucked into a slightly higher waistband without bunching. I love this one so much, I grabbed it on sale just now in black and grey, too.


Best white t-shirts for women: Rag & Bone's The Vee Tee is amazing |

The best designer white t-shirt to replace a men’s undershirt:
Rag & Bone The Vee Tee
  $85, Nordstrom

Say you’re the type who’s generally comfy in what could pass for a men’s white undershirt, but you’re going somewhere a little fancier this summer. Trust me, a well-fitted, nicely crafted tee makes a big difference and this white t-shirt from Rag & Bone may be what you’re looking for.

It’s just the teeniest bit sheer, with a relaxed but still tapered fit, and sleeves that give the right amount of coverage if your triceps aren’t what they used to be. Yes it’s spendy but grab one, and you can look at it as your “good t-shirt.”


Best white t-shirts for women: J Crew vintage cotton v-neck is a favorite |

The best vintage style white t-shirt:
J Crew Vintage Cotton V-Neck Tee
  (on sale for $19.99, J Crew PLUS an extra 30% off with HOORAY)

I first bought this vintage style tee (also shown at top) many years ago and it was my absolute favorite. Slouchy but still shapely and flattering, a little longer than your standard tee, and just slightly distressed in what they call “vintage cotton.” I think it’s just so perfect for summer, in a thinner weight than supima or heavier cottons. Just know it’s somewhat translucent so stick with nude bras or even add a cami underneath. (Note a lot of sizes are no longer available because of the amazing price, so hurry! Or grab a color besides white.)

Best white t-shirts for women: We love the Three Dots classic v-neck for a heavier fabric with more coverage |

The best white t-shirt for more coverage:
Three Dots Classic V-Neck White T-Shirt 
($49.99 on sale, Zappos)

If you want the best white t-shirt that keeps secrets about your underthings between you and your bedroom mirror, look for a heavier knit cotton. I adore Three Dots cotton makes in general, and this style from the brand is a great way to go. The combed cotton is still pretty soft, though not what you’ll get from more transparent tissue tees.

Just know that it’s fairly figure-hugging; but I still suggest you order in your size or you’ll start adding heft and you’ll just look bigger. Been there, donated that. Sigh.

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Best white t-shirts for women: American Apparel's 50/1 cotton crewneck t-shirt is hard to find but so worth it |

The best basic white crewneck t-shirt…if you can find it:
American Apparel 50/1 Cotton Crewneck T-Shirt 
($19.99, ebay)

Oh my, but this is the most perfect cotton t-shirt ever, if you love a crew neck. The only problem: American Apparel is gone. Gah! So you have to search for this one online or keep an eye out in stores that still have stock. I found this particular one ebay, available in large. (I’m a medium, so have at it if it’s your size!)

It has just right amount of slouch, with a relatively thin hemline, making it just that much more refined than your typical 3-for-1 beefy tees that you shove into your gym clothes drawer. And it feels amazing, since double the thread count of their standard jersey, which is probably why mine has held up so well. Get a closer look at the American Apparel site which is still up, if not selling.


But…what about Majestic?

Spawned listeners might remember that I raved about Majestic t-shirts as an absolute favorite, splurgey, designer brand that will last you forever. That said, I don’t really recommend getting one in white unless you are supermodel-toned (I’m not), never sweat (I do), and are okay spending over $100 on a tee that might not look fantastic in a year what with yellowing under the arms. Even so, I love their tees beyond all measure, and if you’re in the market for something black, gray, or more colorful, by all means, check out the Majestic Filatures website or visit a local women’s boutique that sells the brand.

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