Australian brand Cotton:On KidsĀ makes some really cool kids’ clothes, and they may have just outdone themselves with a new line of Ā 100% cottonĀ scratch n’ sniff tees, PJs, and accessories like a fun popsicle pencil caseĀ and jelly bags that all have this 70s child feeling really nostalgic.

I mean, if I close my eyes, I can totally recall the smell of my album full of scratch n’ sniff stickers.

Memories. Sweet, smelly memories.

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The food graphics on the clothes and accessories actually smell when you scratch them! We’re talking chocolate, strawberries, cola, bubblegum, donuts, and a savory, buttery, popcorn tee. Oddly, there’s also a tee covered with bomb pops that smells like lemons.

There’s also a backpack-style jelly tote that smells like… nope, not jelly.

Pineapple! Hey, why not.

Scratch n sniff jelly bags for kids that smell like pineapple! |

scratch and; smell apple tee by cotton on

Scratch and sniff pjs from Cotton:On that smell like cherry cola or ice cream!

Okay, so we may have to have conversations with our kids about letting only friends and siblings scratch their bellies or chests, but that aside, the tees are super cute. And affordable! Just $16.95, or just two for $25 and a little more for the pajamas.

The only catch: handwashing required. Maybe consider an unscented soap? Not sure how good “ocean breeze + donuts” will smell.


You can check out the full scratch n’ sniff clothes and accessories for babies and kidsĀ in sizes 1-8 at Cotton:On Kids. Just note you have to look under “new arrivals” or search for “scratch and smell” and not sniff, because evidently that’s how they say it down under.