We here on the CMP team have a lot of collective parenting experience under our belts — or, uh, stretchy waist bands — and one thing that we all agree on is that starting solids is one of the most exciting and overwhelming developmental stages. There’s just so much info (that always seems to be changing) and pressure (mostly self imposed). Not to mention the mess (or is that just my issue?).

But how cool to help shape baby’s eating habits and get them off on the right foot? Very cool, as long as you have a little practical help.

We like to think that we’re good at giving practical help that takes real life into account. Because, no, we don’t expect you to lose sleep or even a chance for self-care to make elaborate homemade baby food recipes — unless, of course, you want that. Instead, we’ve put together a guide to the 10 best superfoods for baby and toddler.

The foods on our list are great ingredients to serve plain, use in baby food recipes or even in family meals that you’ll enjoy as much as your beginner eater. We also throw in some healthy store-bought options that make serving our favorite superfoods super convenient. Because, like I said, real life.

Check out the full list — and our tips on how to serve them — on Cool Mom Eats, where you can also leave a comment telling us your favorite healthy food for babies and toddlers.

Image used with permission