When Adidas released their new limited-edition beer-resistant, puke-proof shoes, they had Oktoberfest in mind. Sure, the famous German festival can be slippery and sloshy and generally pretty disgusting, but you know what? So is everyday parenting.

Adidas? No need to celebrate the nastier aspects of excessive drinking with your Adidas München Made in Germany sneakers. Just tell the world you made your puke-proof sneakers for us.

We don’t really care that the leather is inspired by Bavarian pants, the embroidery evokes lederhosen, and the red-and-white checkerboard interior is reminiscent of traditional tablecloths. What I see as a parent are some practical shoes thoroughly coated in DPBR — which has been reported as puke-repellent.

Finally! Shoes that will last through your baby’s sixth daily spit-up session, your toddler’s non-verbal rejection of strained veggies, or your second-grader’s third bout of the stomach flu this year. Probably even through the many, many leaky diapers and potty-training misfires that every parent know so well.

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Adidas puke-proof shoes: München Oktoberfest sneakers by Adidas

To top it off, there’s prost — cheers in German — inscribed right on the sides. Which may be exactly what we say to each other after a long day of dealing with all that spit up, stomach flu, strained peas and potty training.

Find Adidas München Made in Germany puke-proof shoes at Adidas UK and 43einhalb for about $240, but do it quickly — these limited-edition puke-proof shoes are going faster than Käsespätzle at Oktoberfest.