Forget having the coolest shoes in school, the Star Wars x Sperry mashup that just released this week may be the coolest sneakers in the galaxy. Classic shoe styles meets classic geek culture design?  Yep, we’re probably going to be stealing these Star Wars sneakers from our teens’ closets.

Or maybe grabbing our own, considering these all come in adult sizes.

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Star Wars sneakers by Sperry: Han and Chewy (sniff)

Star Wars sneakers by Sperry: minimalist Death Star design

Star Wars sneakers by Sperry: McQuarrie style

Although our whole household has become huge fans of the new Rogue One crew, I do love that these shoes feature original episode favorites like C3P0, R2D2, Chewy and Han (sniff).

And for my kids, who are required by their school to wear all black or grey shoes with minimal embellishment –the Death Star sneakers can probably pass. Yay!

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Just know that these start at an adult size 4. Sorry, littles–it’s the light-up Darth Vader kicks for you.


You can find the Han & Chewy sneakers, Droid sneakers, and McQuarrie sneakers (for some reason, in men’s size only) along with the minimalist Death Star sneakers and Rebel Pilot Star Wars sneakers exclusively from Sperry’s website.