We’re always on the lookout for children’s books that feature diverse characters, depict positive gender-neutral roles, and inspire. So I was pretty excited to discover this Kickstarter project for Seeing is Believing, a personalized picture book showing children that they can grow up to be whatever they want.

Seeing is Believing incorporates your child’s photo with beautiful watercolor paintings of different scenarios to help kids visualize themselves — literally — in all kinds of possible roles.

Seeing is believing, right?

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Unlike many other personalized books, I really like that there isn’t one version for girls and a different version for boys. The way they’ve designed it, it’s not necessary.

Each child gets the same storyline, same colors, same message. Kids can see their faces on the body of an astronaut, a nurse, a firefighter, and as the president.

Seeing is believing: a new personalized picture book that allows kids to see themselves as anything

A new totally custom children's book to let all kids see themselves as anything they want to be | Seeing is Believing

Seeing is Believing is a Kickstarter personalized children's book shows kids that they can be anything they want.

The creators wrote that “just like girls need the opportunity to picture themselves as leaders or in STEM careers, boys need the ability to see themselves in caretaking roles or working in the arts, allowing them to redefine what success and happiness can look like for a man.”

Yes for that!

The project is a collaboration between a mother and her two adult daughters, which, as a mom of two girls, just makes my heart swell. They have a pretty lofty fundraising goal, hoping to raise $45,000 before October 26th to cover printing and publication, and I really hope we can help them get there.

Support the Seeing is Believing Kickstarter project before October 26, 2017. You can snag some sweet rewards starting at just a $5 contribution, or grab the limited offer of a paperback copy for $17 or a hardcover for $22 while you can.

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