Thursday night is the annual gala to raise money for Lolly’s Locks, a non-profit that’s donated nearly 500 fabulous wigs to women around the country going through cancer treatment. But this year there’s something new about it:  You can stay on the couch binge-watching Stranger Things and still attend!

The No-Show Hair Affair is a virtual party that doesn’t require you to buy a fancy dress, rent a tux, book a salon appointment, hire a sitter, or call for an Uber.

Instead of spending your money on all that party prep, Lolly’s Locks is making the smart request for you to just donate what you might have spent directly to them. You can even enter a raffle to win a dream vacation to Jamaica — just like at a real in-person fundraising ball.

They save on event expenses, you save on event expenses, and even more money will go directly to women in need. So wonderful.

To join the party — and make a tax-deductible donation — between 7 and 9 PM November 2, you can “join the party” and choose a leveled donation in lieu of what you might have spent attending a real gala — whether it’s just $25 you would have spent on a car service, the $100 price of a ticket (also the cost of customizing a wig for a Lolly’s Locks recipient), or the $1000 cost of buying a full table.

What an easy way to help make someone else feel beautiful, without even needing lipstick yourself.