Leaving cookies for Santa is one of the most magical things about Christmas in my family. Cookies are somehow there on Christmas Eve, and gone on Christmas morning! What is this sorcery?!

So when I saw the personalized cookies for Santa plate in our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide, I knew it was destined for our house.

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It’s made by one of our favorite companies for personalized gifts for kids, Sarah + Abraham, They do such great work and they’re pretty speedy. But even so, they do need about a week or so to produce and ship it since it’s personalized, so you’ll want to hurry.

What a cool keepsake that your kids can use for as long as they believe in Santa. Which, of course, will be forever.

Order your personalized cookies for Santa plate from Sarah + Abraham as soon as possible in order to get it before Christmas Eve. And use code CMP17 for free shipping!