I’m the person who wore scrunchies around her wrist in the ’80s and early ’90s, and, as a mom in the 21st century, does the same with boring black ponytail holders. (Hey, hair-mergencies are real and preparation is key.) So it’s safe to say that since reading countless articles of fashion experts scolding women for ruining their outfits with their wrists, I’ve put Maria Shireen’s hair tie bracelets from our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide on my holiday wish list.

And, I’ve underlined them. Because c’mon. How brilliant are these?

What we have here are metallic-finished bangles made expressly for cradling hair ties when they’re not in your hair. So they look good with a band — look good without.

And they’re far prettier than the cut-off-circulation-in-your-hands look caused by regular elastic hair ties, and just as good at keeping those hair-mergency essentials handy.

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Hair tie bracelets three-pack by Maria Shireen

And, whoa — a pack of three hair tie bracelets was originally $20 on the site, they’re now on sale for $9.99! Or if you’re shopping the rest of the site for non-sale items, we have a code on our holiday gift guide for 25% off. Who needs Santa when you’ve got yourself?

Spare your wrists and order a pack of hair tie bracelets by Maria Shireen while they’re on sale. And visit the guide to grab that exclusive 25% off code on non-sale items!