It isn’t often that my kids get excited for a game release that isn’t electronic — because let’s be honest, when do we get a countdown to anything besides video games or Star Wars branded stuff? But in the case of Not Parent Approved, they’ve been begging for more. And now, here it is!

New expansion packs!

We called this wildly fun, mom-invented game Card Against For Humanity but for kids; the question and answer combinations are PG-rated irreverent, packed with the kind of toilet humor and silly non-sequiturs that will have your 7 year old laughing right along with the grandparents.

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Not Parent Approved: The irreverent card game for families, now with expansion packs | cool mom picks

The Not Parent Approved Expansion Pack #1 and Expansion Pack #2 each offer 20 new question cards and 60 new answer cards, making the possibilities even more outrageous, with questions like What is Grandpa hiding from us? and______ is a surprisingly tasty pizza topping.

(Possible answers: Bacon. Belly Dancers. A traumatic case of diarrhea.)

Some cards even include the names of the kids who have submitted the suggestions, which is kind of fun.

But what’s really clever is that the company now offers a blank expansion pack, so you can fill in your own questions and answers.

What an awesome way to personalize it with inside jokes, more PG-13 content (for the older kids), and family-specific questions like Never interrupt Uncle Benji while he’s binge watching ______ or Remember when the scarf that Lori knit looked like ______?

Or in our family, Thalia would rather eat ______ than wear pink tulle.

I’d have to play the card Sumo wrestler thongs to answer that last one.

You can the Not Parent Approved Expansion Packs for just $9.99 and the original deck from our affiliate Amazon. Thanks to the company sending CMP samples for review consideration! We’re still buying a ton for all the nieces and nephews.