Seriously cool tween gifts, because you're not a regular mom, you're a cool mom. (Or dad or aunt or uncle or grandparent.)




Oh, those tweens — often the hardest on our lists to shop for! But these cool tween gifts for the holidays? Well they should get a YESSSS! (Or LITTY, FAM!) from any hard-to-please tween or younger teen kid on your list. Especially because our own picky older kids helped us put the list together.

All picks have been editorially determined by our staff. There has been no compensation for inclusion in this guide. 

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Star Wars Propel MiniDrones| The coolest tween gifts

Propel Star Wars Minidrones

Perfect excuse to say, “go play outside!”

$149.99 on sale, Target

Flip Sequin mermaid pillow| The coolest tween gifts

Flip Sequin Mermaid Pillow

The ultimate cool tween gift of 2017 for sure. They can’t have too many.

$38.99, Mermaid Pillow Co

Custom Converse Chuck Taylors | The coolest tween gifts

Custom Chuck Taylors

In boys and girls sizes, you can customize them or let them do it themselves with a gift card. So fun.

$50+, Nike Store Online

Krispy Kreme flavored Jelly Belly jellybeans! | The coolest tween gifts

Krispy Kreme Flavored Jelly Belly Gift Box

Which one goes first? Our vote is Strawberry Iced.

$8.99, Always Fits

X-Ray Skull PJ Set: The coolest gifts for tweens and teens

Xray Skull PJ Set

Be warned: They will ask to wear them to school.

$82, Nununu
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Not Parent Approved: Like Cards Against Humanity...for kids! | The coolest tween gifts

Not Parent Approved Card Game

Like Cards Against Humanity but…for kids. Still our favorite, irreverent family game, and a perfect tween gift for the holidays.

$24.99 Amazon

Awesome sno-cone maker with syrups | The coolest tween gifts

Sno Cone Machine

Yes, even when it’s cold outside. Because, sno cones.

$39.99 on sale at Amazon, including flavored syrups

Valentina chain wallet by artist Ilse Valstre | The coolest tween gifts

Valentina Chain Wallet

The allowance has to go somewhere.

$38, VAlfre

DribbleUp Smart Soccer Ball or Basketball with companion app | The coolest tween gifts

Dribbleup Smart Soccer Ball or Basketball

High tech meets “get outside, will you?” These incredible balls connect to your phone to amp up training.

$79.99/$89.99, DribbleUp

Fenty lip gloss: We love them all! | The coolest tween and teen gifts

Fenty Beauty Cosmic Gloss Lip Glitter

If she’s into beauty, trust us, she wants Fenty. Also check out Fenty Gloss Bomb which is a favorite!

$19, Sephora

Studio Ghibli Spirited Away Tee | The coolest tween and teen gifts

Studio Ghibli Spirited Away Tee

We hope they never outgrow Totoro but when they do, this is some awesome Ghibli merch.

$20+, Hot Topic

Steven Universe video game! | The coolest tween and teen gifts

Steven Universe Save the Light for PS4

Because is anything cooler for a tween gift than Steven Universe? Basically…no.

$24.99, Playstation

Studded Frye Boots | The coolest tween and teen gifts

Studded Frye Boots

You can never have enough seriously awesome shoes. Okay so you can if you’re 10. But still.

$85, Frye

Amulet Graphic Novel gift set | The coolest gifts for tweens

Amulet graphic novel gift box: #1-7

The first seven books in Kazu Kibuishi’s best-selling series, capturing imaginations of kids about 8-11.


$63.67 on sale, Scholastic 

Nintendo Switch | The coolest gifts of the year for tweens and teens

Nintendo Switch

Just…get it.


$378, Amazon

Realistic temporary tattoo set from Tattly | The coolest gifts of the year for tweens and teens

Realistic Temporary Tattoo Pack

So real, we tried them out and fooled some really worried neighbors.

$50, Tattly

Cloud/lightning lariat necklace by Peggy Li | The coolest gifts of the year for tweens and teens

Cloud/Lightning Lariat Necklace

Cool jewelry doesn’t have to be spendy. It just has to be, you know…cool.

$59, Peggy Li
Use code COOLMOM for free shipping

Apple Music subscription gift card | The coolest gifts of the year for tweens and teens

Apple Music Subscription Gift Card

And some time to sit far, far away from you with headphones on. (Sorry!)

$29.97+, Target

Undertale character sports bottles | The coolest gifts of the year for tweens and teens

Undertale Sports Bottle

Even if you don’t know Undertale, your cool tween does. They’ll loooooove this.

$20, Lisu Works

Set of Manga colored pencils from Prismacolor | The coolest gifts of the year for tweens and teens

Prismacolor Set of Manga Colored Pencils

Don’t forget that teens love to get creative too! Package it with a great how-to-draw Manga characters book for an awesome gift.

$8, Amazon

POSITIV team skateboard | The coolest gifts of the year for tweens

POSITIV Team Complete Skateboard

The digital series isn’t the newest from POSITIV but it’s still super cool and the price is fantastic.

$69.95, Amazon

Darth Vader slouchie beanie | The coolest gifts of the year for tweens

Darth Vader Slouchie Beanie

Stay warm with dark side.

$16 on sale, Loungefly

Family trip to a cool American city + Lonely Planet kids' travel guide | The coolest gifts of the year for tweens

An All-American Family Vacation

Travelocity has ideas. Add a Lonely Planet Kids Travel Book to deliver the news.

$12.99 book, Lonely Planet Shop; Trip, priceless

Censi cat-ear headphones | The coolest gifts of the year for tweens

Censi Cat Ear Headphones

The better to tune you out, my dear.

$57 on sale, Amazon

Bloxels build-your-own Star Wars video game | The coolest gifts of the year for tweens

Bloxels Star Wars Build-Your-Own Video Game

The only thing cooler than getting a fave Star Wars video game is getting to build their own.

$45.72, Amazon

Cannondale Trail Bikes on Sale: Coolest Tween Gifts of the Year

Cannondale Race 24″ Kids Mountain Bike

We found a sweet deal on this top-rated bike at REI but hurry to grab it!
Also check out some of the new Cannondale 24″ Trail Bikes designed especially to fit smaller bodies.

$479 for a limited time, REI

Emily + Meritt luggage in lots of sizes and cool designs : Coolest Tween Gifts of the Year

Emily & Meritt Personalized Luggage

Have awesome bag, will travel.

$99.50+, Pottery Barn Teen

Meatballs foam balls series : Coolest Tween Gifts of the Year

Madballs Foam Balls Series

Don’t ask. Just give.

$9.99 each, Kid Robot

Hamilton ticket from the national tour : Coolest Tween and Teen Gifts of the Year

Hamilton Tickets

Hey, there’s always the lottery, right?

$ priceless (and pricey), Richard Rodgers Theater
Also check upcoming cities on the Hamilton Tour!

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