We’ve found the perfect keepsake to encapsulate the frothy, dizzying wonder of that first Christmas with baby: in our holiday gift list of special gift ideas for baby’s first Christmas, we shared this baby memories keepsake ornament from Milestone World. I’m totally coveting for my own son this holiday. Because unlike every other first Christmas ornaments, this one is like a keepsake baby book and ornament all in one. l

Parents and siblings can add a new handwritten memory each year, on adorable, tiny scrolls no less! By the time that baby hits those teen years (eep!) you can choose to look back at all of them or just save them to embarrass his prom date one year.

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Baby memories keepsake ornament | Milestone World

While I’ve taken a terabyte of baby photos over my son’s amazing first 9 months on this earth, I haven’t written down many of the moments that made it so special. And crazy. And hard. And fast. So I love that this ornament spurs busy parents like me to stop to reflect and document the early years.

Consider this as a really thoughtful gift for a new mom or dad in your life who can hand it down to their own kid one day.

Whether the memories are, “Cried because we gave her the Anna tutu instead of the Elsa,” or “Took his first steps,” they’re all worth remembering.

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