The second we spotted these Unicorn Vans in bigger kid sizes, we knew they would make our kids freak out. And well, they did, along with our Facebook fans, and their lucky kids.

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Now, we’ve seen our fair share of unicorn gifts and gear here at Cool Mom Picks this year, but these shoes made the top of our list. And not just because they’re ridiculously cute. We love how well Vans shoes hold up over time, with our own kids wearing hand-me-downs for many years.

Since we first featured these Unicorn Vans, they’ve restocked (yay!) and added a couple of new styles.

And for the record: that horn you’re all wondering about? IT’s soft and won’t hurt anyone. Just saying that now since we got that question about 1000 times on Facebook the first time we shared these with our readers.

Go forth and purchase without fear, friends!